I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!


Went out to STF today to get a few jumps in.  It was very busy, so only got in three jumps.  But the in between time was well spent catching up with old friends and making new ones.

Jump #211
16-way, Bruce organized. Great jump, the formation never changed formations, but it seemed almost everyone made it into the 1st formation.

Jump #212
Two way sit fly with Arne; we locked legs initially, then let go and kept sort of near to one another.

Jump #213
10-way, Bruce organized. We pulled of a near 1st stage.  This jump was after dusk, so the sunglasses I wore didn’t help. I kinda botched this one up a tad…I thought that the group was done as not everyone was in the formation; and didn’t see the execution to change to the next formation.  I thought the formation was breaking up, and so I turned and tracked away.  Upon successfully clearing the airspace, I opened.  I was wrong, and should have paid closer attention before leaving and pulling before the group.  Sorry guys!

Beautiful day, but long day.  Blue Skies!


Today went out to my home DZ to join in the fun at the Jump for the Kids boogie. A donation of $30 got you a t-shirt, cool Cypres AAD drinking glass and tons of good vibes! Besides, it was for the kids! Perfect 75F weather, clear blue skies, zero smog…

Jump 207
FreeFly w/Arne +sit +video

Jump 208
SCR 10way w/Bruce organizing

Jump 209
Solo FF practice +sit -video

Jump 210
2way FF w/Arne +sit +video

Hung out afterwards for the swoop competition and our very own Skydiving Magician who wasn’t liked by the wind and/or trees.  Glad he was able to walk it off.

Swoop Video…


Attended the St. Patti Day Boogie last weekend in Fitzgerald, GA.  This made for a lot of firsts.  New DZ, First Balloon jump…

Showed up Friday night, just in time to have a beer around the bomb fire.

Saturday – awoke ready to go.

Jump #202
2 way freefly w/Bruce Crawford.  An excellent jump out the back of the Skyvan! I held my sit stable, and was docked on twice.

Jump #203
6/7 man RW jump w/Bruce and a couple other Candian’s.  I was pleased with this jump.  I flew in and held my spot the entire time.  When another guy I was docked on began to fall out, at first I tried to help him, but when I realized he was leaving us, I let go and held my spot until he could get back in formation.

Jump #204
Free Fly jump 2way.  Either I didn’t do so well, or the other flyer was flying backwards slightly? Never got any docks.  Never got a chance to see her video either!

Jump #205
Balloon jump from 5,000 feet.  I captured a lot of video on the ground, and a wee bit in the air.  Next time I won’t go first, so I can capture someone else jumping/falling off the balloon. 🙂  Met some new friends and got to catch up with some old ones.


Jump #206
Tracking dive with 6/7 others; Sunman was leading on his back.  Video…


Spike researches Skydiving Sex. Best research I’ve seen to date!


Jump 199
10 way w/ Kyle and some RW folks; got in and held my spot (slightly high) till I needed to come in for dock. Got it w/o any problems

Jump 200
I didn’t know this was a milestone jump while I was doing it. I was part of the initial four man base, I got in there quickly and held my own. Big round fell apart when someone took someone else out (dead air), and I slipped sideways attempting to close the big round back up.

Jump 201
2way practice with Kyle. We practiced side docks, transitions, etc.

Overall good jumps; was a warmer day in December.


I have no idea what the title means; I’m falling short coming up with new/interesting titles. I think from here on out, they may mean absolutely nothing.

Jump 195
Freefly sit w/Arne; brought along the camera…you may see some video footage being posted in a few more days.

Jump 196
Freefly w/ Arne and SkyDave + camera; my current tunnel freefly suit is too baggy….I was floating way above them. 😦

Jump 197
Belly fly w/ Arne, practiced a few maneuvers

Jump 198
Track dive w/Arne; we went south, I took off like lightening thanks to those booties on my suit.


A few more jumps in November 2010 to get things moving.

Jump 193
Two way belly practicing four touch points. You fly around other person and take docks, they do same.

Jump 194
Track dive; big group (almost entire plane) filled with trackers. I was right there, then I wasn’t as I lost altitude.


After taking some time off from skydiving, I decided enough was enough. That thing called life would have to wait a day while I went out to play.

The sky was a perfect deep blue, the top was down on the jeep, and I headed out to Skydive The Farm to get reacquainted with the sky.

Jump 191
First jump was a refresher, my turns, flips all came back to me naturally.  I didn’t even have to think, it was like walking, you just don’t forget.  Of course, leading up to the jump, I practiced the cutaway-reserve pull several times mentally and with my hands to make sure mind and motor skills were in sync should I need them.

The wind was light, and I didn’t know if I would stand up the landing, being it has been awhile.  But I not only stood it up, but walked it off nicely.

Jump 192
I decided to jump with another jumper (Tim?) who was at 35 jumps.  Plan was he exists, me right behind, catching up with him.  He dock on all four sides of me, then I do same.

He jumped out, and I chased afterwards aggressive at first, but easing into the glide to dock in front of him.  We exited around 14,000 and docked at 13,000.  He began his path around me, practicing docks and flying around me and finished off by 10,000 feet.  That was impressive!

I did the same, and we both did 360 spins practicing to keep the same elevation.  It was good practice for us both, and I am equally impressed how talented he was for such a low number of jumps.

The day ended with a cool ride home in the jeep, sweatshirt and all.  The farm family is always changing, but so many familiar faces still exist.  Can’t wait until I return for some more jumps…


Day after Christmas, Arne and I decided to get out to the Farm and earn Arne his #100th jump.

Jump 189
3 way, with me flying video

Jump 190
Arne’s 100th jump

Had a great time, Arne was covered in pie in more places than just his face! 🙂


Jumps #186, 187, 188

Unfortunately, I’m backdating these jumps, and have little to go on as far as what the hell we did while jumping.  :-/