I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

AFF – Lvls 1, 2 and 3

On Sunday, May 6th I headed out to my first new dropzone (DZ), The Farm, at around 10am. There was a pretty decent crowd. They had a swooping competition over the weekend. Due to inclement weather the event was slightly halted on the day prior. This morning wasn’t looking good either, but I drove out to soak up anything I could from the more experienced skydivers, even if I couldn’t dive that day.

The clouds began to break, and before I knew it people were scurrying around setting up for the first bus ride up to the sky. I even found myself beginning to smile, at the thought of possibly having a chance to complete my very first AFF skydive!

I soon found myself reviewing every step of my first skydive AFF flight from my hotel check to the parachute landing fall (PLF) to return safely to the earth. I was quickly answering questions and explaining what I am doing along each step of the skydive to my jump masters. They were great, they never stopped keeping me on my toes.

We climbed to 13.5k feet. I looked out the window and back at my altimeter for almost the entire ride up. I wanted to familiarize myself with the altitude and important altitudes I would later have to perform certain acts for. 250/500/1000 feet, I thought about my landing pattern. 2500 feet, I thought about my decision height to ensure I had a good canopy. I played all of the events backwards in my mind as the plane kept climbing.

I looked out the window, and never felt scared or thought about changing my mind. I had really made my mind up about this and I was with two instructors. If I froze up, they would safely pull my chute. And all I would have to worry about is landing my parachute. But I didn’t feel like freezing up would be a consideration. I felt calm and anxious at the same time. I recall trying to remember what it felt like two years ago.

Before I knew it, I stood before the exit door of the aircraft, exited, ran through my checklists, deployed my parachute and safely descended to the ground down below. I recall very carefully checking my parachute over several times and yelling with excitement over what had just happened.

One jump, debrief, log book updated, and I went back for two more on this same day. I was fortunate to had completed everything properly and pass all three of my first three levels on this day.

After my third jump I was tired. It was around 7:30pm, and I remember walking back to the hanger. I thought to myself if I see Hans (owner of The Farm) asking me if I was ready for another, I would have to say no…I needed to rest and decompress everything I had just experienced. That happened to be the last payload to go up…and I welcomed the relaxing debrief.

What an excellent day!


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  1. hey – good to see this blog! I’m gonna read it all 🙂

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