I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!


I was listening to Skydive radio Show #3. It has Mike Gruwell as a guest on it. He was one of my jump masters on my Level 2 AFF jump. The conversation talks about the Atlanta Skydiving Center (ASC) and hints around some of the bad business practices that use to occur there. I haven’t been to ASC, but we take off from the airport where they reside. A couple other guys that I met at The Farm have told me that they go to ASC and jump there too.  I have no comment, and don’t pass judgments…wasn’t there and don’t know the entire story.

The radio show made mention of a Skyhook. Being that I had no idea what it was, I Googled it and found a writeup on Wikipedia explaining the skyhook.

Where the traditional RSL only pulls the reserve pin initiating the reserve parachute deployment sequence after a cut-away, the Skyhook goes further, extracting the reserve parachute from its deployment bag using the malfunctioning main parachute as a “super pilot chute“.

This is pretty awesome. I know my student rig has a RSL, but I am not sure about the Skyhook. Sounds like a smart idea, no? Any side affects? I found some malfunctions explained with pictures here.

I will have to ask about this on my next trip to Skydive The Farm!


One Response to “Skyhook”

  1. I finally found out what this is all about. The explanation was great. I will have to write up what was explained to me.

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