I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

AFF – Lvls 4, 5, and 6

I arrived on Saturday, May 12 around 10am. One load had left and was already coming down.

I saw Sandy, one of my previous jump masters and owner (wife) of Skydive The Farm. She reviewed everything for AFF Level 4, and I began grabbing gear and suiting up.

My exit was simple, regular AFF door exit with only one Jumpmaster, Sandy. We left the aircraft, and except for bending my legs a little too far, I felt great. Don’t worry Sandy quickly reminded me not to over bend my legs!

Mike, another jumpmaster I had jumped with on my previous AFF jump day was also back. He finished up jumps 5 and 6 with me! This guy rocks. He jumps from airplanes and owns/rides a Harley, and is prior military too. We’ll have to share some stories some day over some beers…but now its time to break to the skies…

Mike let me lead on jumps 5 and 6, including starting out with an undocked exit; which had me exiting the aircraft without my jumpmaster holding on to me. This is optional on this level, but we both felt I was ready for it.

Mike had said to me once or twice, don’t waste time at the door, you have some other tandems behind you.

I remember thinking to myself…is he saying this so I don’t do the deer in the headlights and take too long? Oh watch this…I can’t wait to jump….safely of course!

Exit 5, I performed kneeling, forward exit out the door. I remember going over it several times with Mike to make sure I had the coordination down perfectly. The biggest thing I remember from the military is practice everything on the ground, so no questions come up in your head when you are performing the drill!

Exit 6, A standing outside the door…head bopped to the side, Ready…Set…Go! The rest was history…what a great jump! I really felt that I got a good feeling for controlling my heading, turning and being able to stop it. I had to perform a back flip…which probably didn’t look pretty, but I was easily and comfortably able to regain composure and stabilize myself.

The day finished up with me progressing to Level 7, the last level. My graduation level. But I had family/friend commitments at a BBQ party. So I decided to not push my luck (with my wife) and head for the party.

Leaving the last level would set me up well for my first solo too. On my next trip to The Farm, I want to complete level 7, my first solo (maybe two!), then I am off to grab these men and women some spirits!

I had a great time jumping with Sandy and Mike today! Three awesome dives…I learned so much from both of them! I may be forming a biased opinion…but Skydive The Farm has excellent Jump Masters!


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