I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Look No Hands!

Have an image of a baby’s first steps, or one of their first times with no hands touching the furniture to balance themselves?

Well this morning I was driving through the mad rush of traffic, and an event popped into my head.  I remembered the feeling when I realized I was finally getting control of myself in the sky.  The point at which I was first able to balance myself and turn.  I had looked at my jump masters (on two separate occasions) and gave them a thumbs up.  I knew I was grinning ear to ear, because they smiled back at me.

On one jump I yelled…This Rocks!

I doubt anyone heard me.  I so badly want to go skydiving on Sunday.  But I am not sure my body will be ready.  I was sick earlier this week, and it caused my ears to clog, nasty little cold (in the spring time) that has been working around the office.   Last thing I want to do is go jump and end up hurting myself in the process, causing me to be grounded for several weeks!

Guess I will have to resort back to reading, thinking and talking about skydiving.  Maybe I will visit The Farm this weekend and just say hello.


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