I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

AFF Graduation!!!

Wow, yesterday was one of the best days of my life. I arrived at The Farm and we hung around for a little bit while things began winding up. The day started out slow…and progressively got faster, with more fun!

That’s what I love about The Farm, they don’t try to break records, they take the time with their customers ensuring everything including you and your gear are ready for the next jump.

My first jump was my AFF Level 7 jump. I jumped out completed a forward roll, a few 360 degree turns and ended up stabilizing myself for almost a dock with Sandy. Then I saw her give me the sign. Damn, I let my legs bend a little too much. Which was pulling me backwards, making the dock hard. Altitude check proved it was time to break off. I pulled a 180, tracked forward, got a little unstable, arched, and pulled around 5000. Canopy control practice was fun too. I did a few 360’s, and some back to a 90 in the opposite direction. I backed off on my radical turns when I approached 2000 feet. By 1000, I was in my right hand pattern to land.

I passed! Next up was my first ever solo!

Everyone congratulated me on passing AFF, and asked me what I was going to do on my first solo. I responded mostly with some turns and just getting a better feel for stabilization.

I exited the aircraft on my solo, I completed my 360’s, but I was still at only 12000, so I decided to goof around a bit. I did a forward roll, alt. check — yep still cool, backward roll, alt check, then turned 180 and tracked forward. Landing went off without problems, and I think they heard me scream with the pure joy of skydiving when I was under canopy.

My third jump for the day was with a coach, Chad, who video taped and grabbed pictures. It was quite simple, I jumped out, watching the plane behind me and seeing the faces at the door. Very cool! Then I arched and turned belly down. Another guy also came with us, but held his distance a bit. I’m bad with names, but we all had fun. Chad and I docked safely. When it was time to turn and burn, I didn’t burn long enough.

During my forward tracking on the turn and burn, I have not yet gotten comfortable with how fast I fall (lose altitude) while tracking. So I didn’t track as long as I should have.

Fourth jump of the day was solo again. The sun was almost setting, and our new visiting pilot was a little confused. I’m sure a good beer and a good conversation will clear up the confusion over the weekend. During the jump, I tracked for what felt like a long time. It was easily 10 seconds, before I arched belly down again and checked where I was in the sky. Wow….that was great…I flew closer my drop zone!

Finished up the day with a run to a nearby grocery store, where I bought a few cases of beer. I stayed up until 5am drinking beers, and listening to skydiving stories, watching a few great videos and goofing off with The Tandem Guy (Justin — who will be more than happy to take you up for a safe, but life changing adventure at The Farm!)

Until next time… Boarding the Plane


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