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RSL vs Skyhook

June 28, 2007

Recently at The Farm; I picked Rodrigo’s brain about the Skyhook. For those who don’t know, the RSL (Reserve Static Line) and Skyhook serve similar purposes, but are not identical! Getting out your reserve parachute safely and quickly can mean the difference between life, and well that unmentionable. 🙂 If you cut away your main […]

Hop and Pop!

June 24, 2007

On Sunday, June 24th, I arrived at The Farm and made my rounds. There is always something new happening there. It seemed a bit busy, more tandems than I expected. But it is good to see some new people try out the sport and they were all smiling while they watched their videos.

An early morning jump

June 9, 2007

Saturday, I woke up at 6:30am after spending the night in my sleeping bag on in the hanger. Grabbed a shower, then went for breakfast with Justin. When I returned to the hanger, Hans was already there manifesting the first load for the day.

Docking practice

June 8, 2007

On Friday, I arrived at The Farm, after a long drive from work. I was stuck behind half of a tree that decided to fall over on the road that I was traveling on. Once I arrived at my dropzone, I got suited up and headed up for a jump with Rodrigo as my coach. […]

Parachute Packing Course

June 5, 2007

Sunday, I showed up at my DZ (The Farm), but winds were unfavorable for my experience level. They soon got a lot worse too. Hans suggested I get one of the more experienced guys to show me the ropes on packing a parachute. Easy right? How hard could this be? Wrong! This small feat that […]

SkyVenture Orlando

June 3, 2007

While I was on vacation with my family for the past week down in Orlando, I took someone’s advice from my home DZ and spent a little bit of time in the wind tunnel. Wow…I was impressed. I wish I had one in my backyard. Freefalling is probably the best part of each jump. Sure […]