I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

SkyVenture Orlando

While I was on vacation with my family for the past week down in Orlando, I took someone’s advice from my home DZ and spent a little bit of time in the wind tunnel.

Wow…I was impressed. I wish I had one in my backyard. Freefalling is probably the best part of each jump. Sure being under the canopy is fun, but the free fall is the icing on the cake.

On the first session in the wind tunnel, I felt confined. The tunnel is tiny compared to the wide open sky you have. But I focused on trying to contain myself just as I had been taught to practice each and every jump.

“Picture a vertical tunnel extending down to the ground from the sky high up above.” I was told by one of my jump masters during my AFF.

If you are looking to improve your coordination, the confined space of the wind tunnel is ideal. On the second session, I felt more at ease, and was able to follow the instructor’s commands up/down, then left and right. I moved in all different directions as he pointed and ran back and forth around the tunnel.

I think my next skydive will be much better. But I still missed the whole experience of the actual sky dive. That leap out of the aircraft is something that has turned from uncertainty into obsession! It sounds crazy I know…but it is a very rewarding experience you cannot put into words!

Cost? I haven’t calculated the whole price to compare it yet to actually going up on a skydive. It seemed pricey, but I did buy 10 minutes and share them with my family. Even my four year old daughter and nine year old son were able to experience freefalling in the wind tunnel. Something they wouldn’t have the opportunity to do for quite some time (due to the 16 yrs of age limit in skydiving).

The SkyVenture in Orland website.

SkyVenture Orlando


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