I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Docking practice

On Friday, I arrived at The Farm, after a long drive from work. I was stuck behind half of a tree that decided to fall over on the road that I was traveling on. Once I arrived at my dropzone, I got suited up and headed up for a jump with Rodrigo as my coach.

A coach is where someone with experience assists you in completing your goals. Helps identify your weakness and explain how you can improve. After graduating your AFF, you may not be a student, but you are still inexperienced and still have a proficiency card that lists out requirements you must complete in order to obtain your class A license.

Jump #12: The aircraft exit was a lot of fun, with me doing a forward roll out the door and a few seconds of tumbling. I love doing rolls and tumbling up in the sky. Rodrigo and I practiced docking. He was trying to deliberately change his fall rate, so that I had to adjust my fall rate to level with him and then move forward to dock with him. I successfully docked twice. But I still had areas for improvement. I needed to coordinate my legs better, keeping my arms still. And my 180 turn and tracking for separation was weak.

Jump #13: Rodrigo and I again exited the aircraft. But we did so using a poised exit. He was having me practice for a upcoming hop and pop that I have to complete for my A license. Well I pushed off the plane a bit and it caused me to roll. So I didn’t do a good stable exit. The rest of the jump was fun, but I didn’t get a dock. Then we ended up going through a bit of a cloud. It was time to do my 180 turn, which I improved on greatly. We all landed and just after taking my first five steps across the grass field, it began to rain hard. So we all made for a mad dash back to the hanger, getting soaked in the process.

Was a fun afternoon after a week at work. I could get use to this.


2 Responses to “Docking practice”

  1. Very nice your blog!
    Congrats !
    I had lots of fun on our jumps!
    Lets jump again!

    See ya @ The farm.

  2. Rodrigo!

    Glad you like the blog. Thank you very much for the excellent coaching and video!

    Hope to get some more time up in the sky soon!


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