I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Cessna 182

I showed up at The Farm in the late afternoon. I saw Hans, Justin and a few other familiar faces. I was sitting down talking when Hans gave me the thumbs up. But before leaving, I walked over to Vincent and handed him a $20 bill. That is for the beer I owe. This would be my first ever jump off a Cessna 182. I needed to pay my dues just like any good student. 🙂

Jump #19

This had been my first time ever exiting a Cessna 182. Three other jumpers went before me doing a three way. I climbed out, yell “Thanks” to the pilot, he nodded and smiled, gave a good five count, then reached up high and dropped my legs to fly like batman. It was kinda fun…except when my lower body swung back down I almost hit the step over the right wheel. That would have left a mark. I did one more check to make sure I would clear the step and let go. Wow…what an awesome jump!

I was in the air…this was also the first time I jumped without a jump suit. It felt awesome. Good thing I tucked my shirt in tight…I wanted to prevent it from covering my handles in front of me. I did a couple forward rolls, each time pausing to regain my stability for practice. Then a few backward rolls. I attempted a barrel roll, but I’m not sure it was a pretty one. In no time I arched and was belly to earth. Even after all this I had more altitude to play some more. I saw a cloud beneath me, so I turned a bit and flew forward to try and miss going through it. It seemed like a good attempt, I didn’t miss it completely.

Note…being altitude aware is very important. After (or before) every maneuver I always check my altimeter. It becomes second nature. Just because I don’t write about it, doesn’t mean it isn’t being done. If you are new into the sport…don’t listen to me…ask your instructor.

As I began falling through the clouds….I ARCHed and tried to keep a heading watching my altimeter. Was I going to have to open my main canopy while still coming through the cloud? Nope…just cleared the cloud and had room to spare. I waved…arched and pulled.

Under the canopy…

This was the first time I jumped a 210. All previous jumps were 230’s. After a good canopy check, brakes release, I wanted to get a feel of how the 210 behaved differently. First thing I noticed is it was faster. Wow…a small change and the canopy did everything with a quicker response. After a few turns and full brakes, I grabbed the rear risers and pulled on them. Did a few turns and flared with rear risers. Altitude was still good…I was in a good spot near my DZ so I did a few pulls on the front risers. Wow…much quicker response. Ok…I’m done…time to set up for my pattern.

I landed with right hand patterns towards the hanger. I was a little high into the pattern, so I extended my downwind leg a bit. I ended up next to the other jumpers…standing up and running it off a bit. I’m getting a better sense of flaring when landing, but far from great yet.

The plane.

The tail number made us all chuckle: N2666G. What’s that mean? “In to hell?”…and the G for God? I dunno…I’m sure if I had a few beers at the end of the day we could have come up with a meaning behind this one. The pilot was a nice normal guy. I never did get to ask him about that tail number. The plane flew perfectly fine. I was able to find information on the plane here, but no picture.

Jump ??:

A few of us didn’t drink the beer when it began to rain. I was talking with Hans about a new pair of Gatorz I was buying. Then a clearing in the sky came. Four of us headed out on the bus to the plane. Got in…took off and then we saw lightening and a bad storm blow over the DZ. Another more experienced jumper made the call…lets go land with the plane. We all wanted to jump, but when we got down and saw the gusty winds…I was happy, I would be back in a few days to jump again.

Got back and three of us sat down with Andy to review emergency procedures. I was more than happy to review them with Andy. Sure I need to get a sign off here in the not too distant future, but more importantly it re-iterated the best practices.

Till next time…Blue Skies!!! Head to The Farm and say hello!


One Response to “Cessna 182”

  1. Mark,
    Isn’t Skydiving a blast? I live not far from the world famous Zephyrhills Drop zone and have had the pleasure to visit it. Recently a friend of mine made her first buddy jump there. They now have a streaming video for novices. I have posted her link on my blog and welcome you to come over and see it.

    Debbie’s smile and her final comment tell it all!

    Check it out here:

    Ginger Marks

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