I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Jumped at Skydive The Farm (#20-25)

I arrived at Skydive The Farm early in the morning. I didn’t want to sleep overnight Friday, as it rained most of the night.

This place got busy! It was an awesome time! Rodrigo from helped review several things I needed to get signed off my A license. He did a coach jump with me, which was a blast. We did a dock and I performed two barrel rolls. The pictures and video came out great. Rodrigo was busy because The Farm needed extra hands on video and pictures, so I began jumping a few solos.

There was a wedding, the reception and dancing (with drink) afterwards.

Hans knew I was looking to buy a black altimeter, and told me Keith had one for sale. I found Keith and during the transaction, he mentioned he too was a coach. I proceeded to jump the rest of the day with Keith and some of his friends. What a great bunch of guys. Rodrigo and Keith were amazing. I took so much away from another excellent day of skydiving!

Jumps #20-#25 were completed. I’ve included a brief summary with each. This was the first time I flew a 200 main (downsizing from a 230). I had flown a 210 prior to the jump down, but the harness was too big for my frame. The next best thing was the 200.

Jump 20

This was a solo belly to earth jump. My first ride in the new King Air that was visiting us for the weekend. When we arrived at 14,000 feet the pilot nosed up, then back down causing a brief moment of weightlessness, we all floated up in the air and landed on our feet. Then the pilot said…”Open the door, you are clear to jump”. I jumped out, behind a four way with six seconds of separation. I did a forward roll exit out of the door. I practiced forward and backward flips, then a few rolls. Deployed my main and after the canopy stability check, I began experimenting with the 200 main that would be the first time I flew it. My landing consisted of me forward on my knee. A little scrape…but nothing I couldn’t shake off.

Jump 21

Another solo jump right after a five way. I waited my six seconds then did another forward roll leap out the door. I did a few 90 degree turns to practice my control and stability. When I got a bit bored, I looked around and then did a few rolls. I tried rolling using different techniques. I did one roll that landed me on my back. I would normally automatically correct it, but this time I decided to check out this position. I could easily see my altimeter on my left hand. So I experimented with different arm movements and legs. Flipped back over…arched…waved…and was under canopy. I landed, but this time I sat down on the backs of my legs.

Jump 22

Rodrigo and I did a poised exit, and practiced side docks before I completed two barrel rolls. The events were all caught on video as well as still pictures. I always learn something new when jumping. I like jumping with Rodrigo because he challenges me by changing fall rates as well. More canopy playing and a good landing that I ran out due to the lack of a headwind on my final approach. Good remarks from Rodrigo.

Jump 23

I jumped with Keith and two others. Keith and another guy were poised outside the aircraft. I wasn’t holding on, but I had my hand on Keith’s chest and followed his count to jump out with them. One more was behind me, but kept his separation as he was video taping all of us. I couldn’t get a dock on the first two guys as they had a slow spin. I didn’t feel comfortable coming in and meeting someone’s feet. So I stabilized and kept the same fall rate. That is when Keith broke off with the other guy, and I ended up flying up to Keith to dock. The other two guys held back. Break away time I tracked away from the runway and while waving my hands, I took a good look around to make sure no one was near me. Last thing I wanted was to have flown to the same spot as someone else before opening the parachute. Great jump… It was a lot of fun!

Jump 24

Keith and Peanut are both experienced jumpers. We decided to tackle a four way, with Keith being the fifth. Keith was suppose to fly up to our four way and join in. We actually all pulled it off smoothly. One of us was tucked under a little, but things straightened out. The greatest thing is this was a Muff Brothers initiation dive. I was to learn more about this initiation later. 🙂 One of us, but I’m not saying who flew up to the four way and broke things up a bit. 🙂 I’m sure I will do this several times in my skydiving career. It was quite comical…the other three of us held on until it was time to break away.

Jump 25

Keith is amazing. He had told me he’d jump with me the rest of the day, and he did. It was awesome, because having another person up there as a point of reference lets you perfect so many things. I had to match his decent rate, and fly around him in a circle while doing four point touches. Hands, two sides and feet. It was harder than it looked. I was able to get around him, but I didn’t pull this off as well as I’d like. I want to practice this more in the future.

We got down, and that is when someone in the trailer noticed I had a small tear in my parachute no bigger than a quarter. Whats strange is during every canopy flight check, I remembered seeing a small bit of sunlight that looked more like a shadow on my canopy. I thought it had been a shadow or a reflection off the bridle, bag, etc. I’ve now know what a little tear on the top layer looks like on the bottom layer of your ram air canopy. You don’t see it well on the bottom, but it casts a small shadow that makes it appear out of the ordinary. The good news is it was caught. I took it into Mike’s store, Chuting Star, and set it down so he could look at it in the morning.

What a great day. The weather was perfect. The Farm was cranking out the flights back to back, everyone had several chances to fly. I’m not sure if Brei had broken her own goal to beat 19 jumps in one day, but she was up to 9 the last time I had talked to her. Charley took a winged suit for the first time!?! I was able to meet Psycho Bob, an air traffic controller out of Pensacola, Florida.

I got everything signed off except for one more emergency procedures and my final test by an instructor. I’m ready, but I will re-read the important numbers I don’t retain so well. Like the cloud clearance above/below 10000 feet. I’ll finish my testing the next time I am out at The Farm, and finally get my stamp for my Class A!


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  1. I’m glad you have a wonderful time at our home dz

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