I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Got my A License!!!

Headed over to The Farm on Saturday. It was a hazy day, but a good one at that. My goal was to finish my EP’s (Emergency Procedures) review and take my final oral examination.

Within minutes of arriving, Blaine grabbed the test harness, and began drilling me on my Emergency Procedures. I did good, but things got a lot better and I understood how he liked for me to call out the specific drill.

“Six thousand Feet”, he said. Check my altimeter, wave off, reach, throw the pilot chute, look up; one thousand one, one thousand two….one thousand five. A picture popped over my head. I’ve got crap overhead, lines are knotted, its a big ball of mess. I look down at my chest, and say as I grab each handle. “Right, Left”. Then pop out each handle from the velcro, pull right, pull left.  I pull down on the handles (this is a test harness, nothing comes out behind me).

We practiced several scenarios over and over again, before I was called good.

Next up was my A license test. I was asked various questions out of the SIM and answered them well as I was told.  It helps to study.  With that I was told I passed. We walked into the office where the stamp was located. One stamp went on my yellow A card, one in my jump book, and the last on my forehead.

I was so happy to have finally made it. To have completed so much to get here. I feel comfortable and confident in my abilities, but will still act as a sponge; soaking up the useful information that is shared with me from fellow skydivers.  Yes, I will soak up some beer after a day of jumping too.  🙂

I sat around most of the day talking about skydiving and then got on a load. We jumped a Cessna 182.

Jump #26:

I had originally planned on jumping a rental rig that I already pre-flighted, the 200; that I jumped six times two weeks ago. But that rig was to be used by a new student. So I selected to take the 190. I was a bit gun shy as I knew my landing was going to be less than perfect.

Once I cleared the plane, I did some belly flying and opened my canopy. Square canopy…sky was clear so I zipped up the slider and grabbed my breaks. I performed the routine steering/braking test. Next I moved in to getting know my canopy. I did practice turns and flares. The canopy felt a bit faster than the 200. Something I would soon find out.  I performed a few full brake flares, and slowly released when the canopy began to fold in.  My other canopy didn’t do that.  Yikes!  🙂

Began my approach around 1100 feet, downwind, left to base at 500, left to final. I saw Eric down below filming me. Oh great I thought…the pressure is on now. I flew over and to the left of him slightly and began my half breaks. I touched down a bit hard…and attempted to run it out, but I fell to the ground.

The problem? I didn’t finish out my flare. He had it on video and I watched it afterwards. Why didn’t I finish my flare? Was it the ground speed? The camera I knew that was video taping me? Ahhh…its a lesson I must live with. And something I won’t forget. I was unhurt minus a scratched up knee.

Later that night I repacked a student rig with supervision. It was a good refresher too. I was tired, but thats no excuse; I made a few which I think are minor errors. Like not flaking the end cells out properly. Eric and Andy assisted…and I appreciate the feedback. They put me back in my place and made me realize that no matter what license you obtain…you don’t forget a single detail.

Until next time…Blue skies and safe dives!


3 Responses to “Got my A License!!!”

  1. oh…I thought you already had your A-licence??
    I’m lost =P
    But I guess congrats are in order in that case =)
    I hope to get mine soon as well, before the end of september.

  2. Hehe…no I didn’t have it. I was working towards it. I got it right between my 25th and 26th jump. Whew…now its time to work on buying some gear.

  3. oh, okey =)
    I’m taking the AFF-course so I’m planning on getting my A-certificate with my 10th jump as long as I don’t make some stupid mistake and will have to repeat any of the stages 😛
    yeah, buying of the gear…I’m saving that for next season. I’ll have to work my ass off during the winter to be able to afford it…

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