I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Muff Brother … Not this time

Lets first start out with what I didn’t do right! 😉

I am not yet indoctrinated in the Muff Brothers skydiving club. Apparently last time I jumped and docked with the Muff Brothers, I wasn’t wearing ear muffs, so it did not count. Not a problem…or so I thought, I’ll just jump again with Justin, who has the lowest membership number I know. He’s #66! Read my last jump below to see what happened. Oh … and Justin…I failed you once, but at least I still bought some beer!

Jump #27
I did a two way jump with Kim, who has about 50 or so jumps, but just recently also got his A license. He isn’t a slow learner, he was just more relaxed in getting the A license card signed off than the rest of us. We exited the aircraft and both adjusted to get the same descent rate. Then we docked our hands. I put one of my legs bent up and the other straight, which caused our 2 way to enter a slow spin. This was my second time landing a 190 canopy, which I did fair at.  I fell forward upon touchdown and added a little grass stain on my pant leg.

Jump #28
I’m not sure what we all were thinking. But our two way turned into a four way, then a five way? I bought Big Eric’s ticket if he would video tape us. Which he did. Yes, I have evidence of some crazy guys who barely pulled off any sort of formation. At least my landing was better, I stood it up with no problem. Hellz Yahz!

Jump #29
Another two way? No wait…this turned into a three way.  Crap…we exited and all few belly to earth near each other.  Nate was leading this jump.  The bus ride and then the plane, he’s telling us what we can do.  Kim looked over and asked if I was nervous.  I chucked and said no…I’m laughing, there is no way we are pulling off these team stunts …I wish we had brought Big Eric along to get this on camera!

Jump #30
Last load of the day, and it was a Muff Brothers indoctrination jump! I had been asking Justin to host the jump all day. And I can be quite annoying when I want to be!

We finally got the guys together.  The sun setting, so we had to hurry.  The plan was that I’d be rear door exit next to two guys twice my size.  Hmmm….wait a minute.  I climbed out the door, hung on without stepping on Chad’s bare feet who was video taping us. And fell off with other guys.  Justin immediately dropped like a ton of bricks.  I was left arching as hard as I could to catch up.  My first attempt to catch up and dock on the formation was close.  But at the last minute, I extended my hands.  And I raised up and over the top of Erin who claims I knocked him in the head.  Good thing he had a helmet on.

Now what? I reset and made a slower attempt, but time ran out.  I had to turn and burn and track away.  I tracked, checked my altitude and tracked some more.  I ended up waving off and opening at 3500 feet.

As soon as I opened, I ran though the five second canopy check and immediately noticed I had line twists.  So I reached up and spread apart my risers and performed the bicycle kick to get out of them.  Finally…everything was good, I was at 2500 feet now.  But I was off the mark.  This isn’t good.  I turned the canopy towards the dropzone, I had a grass field under my feet, but a row of trees in front of me.

I remember thinking…if I don’t think I can clear these trees in another ten seconds, I’m performing a landing over here to my right side on this makeshift landing strip in some farmers backyard.

I cleared the tree line, and landed.  The wagon picked me up and we all had a good laugh and a few beers to drink.  I will have to try the Muff Brothers jump again another day.

There is something worth noting.  In anything you do, be it driving a motorcycle, skydiving, whatever.  Always leave yourself an out.  I don’t care how routine my perfect skydive opening and landing appears to be.  I always leave myself alternate paths to land and always set myself a comfortable decision point that I would have to had made the decision by.

Another great day of skydiving…


3 Responses to “Muff Brother … Not this time”

  1. muff brother # 2111

  2. Muf Brother #14, yes #14, from back in the day in northeast Texas.

  3. Bring your Muffs to the Chattanooga Mountain Boogie Nov 9/10/11 I Will give you another Shot. Justin 702 280 5656

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