I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

First Team Meeting; bought my first rig!

Last time I was at Skydive The Farm, I was asked by Nate if I wanted to be apart of a new RW 4-way team he was going to coach.  Honestly, I couldn’t think of any great reason not to take him up on this opportunity.

Why I wanted to be on a team:

First, it was for consistency.  I want to hone my skills.  Jumping with the same guys jump after jump, will only allow me to improve my skills.  It will also be fun to compete again, I miss sports and competing on a team.  There is something rewarding when you work together and walk away after having kicked some ass!  Last…to travel.  My home DZ will always be at The Farm, but I’d like nothing more than to get some traveling in this winter/next summer to Florida and perhaps other parts of the country for a competition.

I arrived just before 9am, Saturday morning eager to begin.  I’m not a morning person, but this sport gets the blood flowing…and your mind focused on what you need to do.

After arriving, I met up with Hans the owner.  I had worked out buying a used rig off of him.  I couldn’t have been happier.  I finally have my own rig.  Its a 190 main, 181 reserve, cypres AAD, rsl, and Wings container.  I’m currently loading it exactly 1 to 1.

Jump #31
This was the first load of the day.  And it was great, we hopped on the plane and took off from the grass field outside the hanger.

This jump was a warm up two way jump with Abhi, a team member who I would be jumping with for the rest of the day.  We exited the airplane and had a bit more separation than we anticipated.  No problem, we both flew towards each other aggressively at first, then we both creeped forward more slowly as we got closer.  We docked and adjusted our bodies to keep the same fall rate.  We waved off at 6,000 feet, tracked away, then arched and both opened at 4,500 feet.  It was a good jump.  My landing could have been much better….arrrggghh!

Jump #32
This would be our teams first 4-way jump.  We exited all together, but we fell apart and never quite got back together for even a star formation.  Broke off at 5,500 feet and opened at 4,500 feet.

Jump #33
Another team 4-way.  Abhi lost one of his shoes on exit, which he says took his focus off the rest of the jump.  You could tell he wasn’t himself…but we didn’t mess with him too much. 🙂  Attention: if you found a missing shoe in your back yard….can we get it back? I fell faster than the rest of the team on this jump.

Jump #34
4-way team; are we finally getting closer? On this jump I decided I would fly my slot in a star formation to the right of James unless it was unsafe.  I came in and leveled off with James, we both stuck to our slots.  Chris and Abhi were working on their fall rate to match James.

Jump #35
Last load of the day, and crap…our last run at this.  All day we have been discussing and practicing on the ground everything we needed to do to get our perfect plane exit.  This jump was the one! We pulled off the exit and all stuck together.  Once we leveled off, we had a slight spin.  It was either my bent legs or Abhi’s straight legs.  Even my landing was perfect…I came down, ran for a couple steps and then snatched my canopy down over my head.  I remember yelling in excitement…and across the grass field I heard someone yell back from the hanger.

In four jumps, our team went from meeting each other, to tagging a door exit and sticking together while doing it.  It was kick ass…

We ended the day with food and beers at Taco Mac.


3 Responses to “First Team Meeting; bought my first rig!”

  1. congrats on joing the team and on your rig =)
    reading this really makes me wanna jump, like right now!!!
    can’t though, have to work and the weather here is shitty =(
    hopefully sat-sun, fingers crossed for good weather!!

    the losing of the shoe was probably not that funny to abhi but I got a good laugh from it!
    it’ll make me tie my shoes sooo tightly next time!! =P

  2. Hopefully you got some jumps in today. I’m heading out early tomorrow morning, but we have had rain on and off all week. I will bring the sky gods an offering (beer) when I show up.

    Losing the shoe was funny…he was laughing all the way back to the hanger. I guess the only downside is they were nearly brand new and not cheap!

  3. yeah, one =P
    damn, should have brought beer, then maybe the weather wouldnt have gotten worse and I would have been able to make one more jump =(
    ouch, new expensive shoes…I only wear that when going out clubbing =P
    he should have known better!!

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