I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

A day of firsts!

Anytime you admit in skydiving to a first, such as “This is the first time I jumped this rig.” or “This is the first Cessna 182 I jumped from”.  Automatically, someone will shout…you owe a case of beer.  It keeps the skydiving community morale up.  Ok…maybe I lied…it keeps the beer flowing at the dropzone after a day of jumping with friends.

This past Sunday (Sept 2, 2007) was no different, I had plenty of firsts:

  • The first time I jumped from a Beech99.
  • The first time I landed all of my jumps on my feet, all day.
  • The first time I was a bit concerned because we were dropped off further to the east of our dropzone than normal and I wasn’t sure which way to head.
  • The first time I closed my rig incorrectly.  Instead of bottom, top, left, right; I skipped the top part.  I caught it on the ground before leaving the hanger.  But still…bone head move…
  • The first time I did a high altitude hop ‘n pop jump from 13,000 feet with a plane load of skydivers all doing high altitude hop ‘n pop’s.  There was 19 of us!
  • The first time I landed into a head wind, which was strong enough that I didn’t have to run or walk out the landing.
  • The first time I experienced symptoms of altitude sickness (hypoxia) due to cloud cover delaying our jump.  We were at 15,000 feet too long for my taste!!
  • The first time I knew I had to bring beer, but could not because I live in the south where they don’t sell beer on Sundays!!!  How wrong is this???

As you can see it was a day of firsts. What was even worse was the fact I could not buy any beer.  The fact that I cannot buy beer on any day of the week frustrates me.  When I think about this, I wish I lived back home in New York.  So the lesson here was “plan ahead”.

Jump #36:
First load of the day.  Nate decided our team needed more tracking practice.  So this was an exercise in tracking.  We jumped and tracked, then opened, then I looked around…seeing only part of the ground and wondered … where in the fuck is the dropzone? Crap…I began following the other parachutes, before I finally had our DZ in sight.  Oh…I had plenty of options, lots of farm fields to land off in if I had to.

Jump #37:
4 way w/ team.  Nate filled in for James who could not make it.  Was a decent dive, I did pretty good holding my spot on the base who was Nate.  I need more practice steering with just my legs and slide slipping my body.

Jump #38:
3 way w/ team.  Nate went in for a nap, so there was three.  The plane must of circled the drop zone three or four times while staying at 15,000 feet.  I recognized my early signs of hypoxia and felt worse after finally jumping and landing.  I had a slight headache and felt like I was going to vomit.  Good thing is after a bottle of water a snack and some rest, I was back to myself for two more jumps later in the day.

Jump #39:
4 way w/team plus John.  John was a comedian.  He was changing up and explaining the dive flow all twisted the whole ride up on the plane.  You had to see it! Oh yah…this is the dive that Chris lost his shoe! Last weekend was Abhi, now Chris.  I’m double tying my shoes…We may pick out a name for our team based on this.  The shoeless wonders? Put a sock in it? Submit suggestions…

Jump #40:
Last jump of the day, a high altitude hop-n-pop! This would be the first one I have done from 13,000 feet, near sunset.  Wow! The only thing I wasn’t prepared for was the prolonged exposure to the cooler air up there.  My hands got a bit cold.  But I got past it (I kept thinking…don’t be a freakin’ baby).  A few of us were talking just after landing, the two of them being a lot more experienced.  One of them asked…Ever get a devil on your shoulder that says….what if you fell from here.  Yah, we all think it up that high under canopy.  Crap … another first…hanging by two leg straps and a chest strap from 12,000 feet or so!

The weather was on/off again all day.  Then the day after, on Monday, it was excellent weather, clear blue skies and calm all day.  I was stuck running errands.  Oh well.  So to Marie…who I think is another first for me (my first consistent reader?)…she is either the only one reading or the only one brave enough to admit she reads this blog.  Thanks for taking out the few minutes of your precious time Marie.  To blue skies!!


3 Responses to “A day of firsts!”

  1. yay me!!
    and of course I do, this is the only blog I’ve found on skydiving that is actually interesting to read and that I can’t seem to stay away from =)
    It’s great reading about your jumps. The shoe again!!?? what is with you guys? Go with the shoeless wonders =P

    I’ll also have to provide beer soon, first time you land out of the actual dropzone…which I’ve then done again…twice…one of those times I smashed right into a tree, don’t think I’ve told you about that =P .
    and hopefully I’ll have my certficate soon and will have to get beer for that one too. and I still don’t drink beer myself!! crap!

    and hey, you requested a video of my jumps.
    There is a video of my very first aff jump online.
    the adress is and at the top you’ll see a file you can download called “Kurs 5 2007”, pick the left one.
    in that video I’m the girl in the pink helmet and in the plane I’ll be the third one to get off. enjoy =)
    (you shouldnt have any problems figuring out which one is me, I’m the only one there with tits)

  2. Nice! Your video rocks, pink helmet and all! 🙂

    I didn’t know about the tree!!! Wow! Well that is something I hear, there are those who have done it and those you will do it. 😉

    I like the music and the video editing….whomever did that is good.

  3. hey, you’re guilty of crappy updating!!
    Going skydiving for the weekend (yeay!!)
    and when I get back I expect a new post from you.
    don’t care what you write about, just write something!
    It’s really depressing to keep visiting your site and see that same old entry day after day after, well you get the picture.

    The dz where I crashed into the tree, that’s where I’m heading tonight by the way. I’m not planning on making the same mistake twice though.
    It was one of those experiences where one time is one time too many.
    Have a great weekend! (after you write something, that is!!)

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