I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Jumping from the N2666G Cessna again

Saturday, I arrived around 4pm to find I had a chance to get one a few spots. But as I arrived at the airfield, the plane had to swap out a new pilot seat. It appears that on the previous jump run, after the jumpers hopped out at 10000 feet, the pilot was descending back to the airport and his seat broke! This caused him to flip backwards into the cabin area of the little Cessna182!

The pilot was able to gain control of the plane and land it safely.  I remember when I arrived at The Farm, I was walking from my car and saw the plane wobble left to right.  I thought the pilot was just having some fun, but apparently it was when he fell back.

Jump #43
I was first out of the Cessna.  I climbed out on the flat step above the tire and saluted the guys inside the plane, then leaned back and did a back flip off of the plane.  Once I spun around once or twice I arched, and leveled myself off belly to earth and began practicing my turns using only my legs/knees.  I did this several times varying how far I pointed my knee to the ground while also changing my hand positions.  I didn’t use my hands to turn, just felt the differences extending them further outside my body and then closer in.  I waved off and pulled for my main canopy at 4500 feet.  My canopy opened, passed inspection and I proceeded to spin myself in a few circles while smiling from ear to ear and yelling so loud the people in the hanger could hear me.   I landed down softly, and thanked Hans from The Farm once again for the ride up.

I didn’t get any more jumps in Saturday.  So I decided to hop on The Farm’s bus and a bunch of us rode to get Mexican food and beer.  I came back that night and stayed up to about 2am talking about skydiving, and anything else that came up while drinking several more beers.

Sunday morning I awoke around 8am, grabbed a shower and got dressed.  Justin and I drove down the road to get some breakfast.  When I returned to The Farm, Hans was walking around and asked if I wanted on a load.  Hell yah…

Jump #44
Along with three other guys and the pilot, I jumped on the Cessna.  We took off on the grass field as it was the first load of the day and the plane had parked at the hanger with us all night.  It was a bit close…I remember the pilot pulling us up off the ground a bit, then flying level…we were headed for the trees.  But he was gaining airspeed, before he pulled again and buzzed the hanger and we all smiled as we lifted up over the trees.

The first guy climbed out, then I did, with the third right behind me.  I grabbed a hold of the guys rig and on his count we popped off the Cessna.  We leveled out before I let go of him and then faced each other while we practiced docking.

We tracked away, and I remember looking around me, I had one guy almost under me and turned a little to track away from him just in case he opened.  Last thing I want was to be above someone opening.  I’m not sure how he got down and under me so quickly.  He just flew in from my lower right side…and there he was.  After doing a quick visual check around me, I waved off and pulled open around 3500 feet.

Great landing…this is getting better and better.

Jump #45
I headed up to do a solo.  First Big Steve did a hop-n-pop at 5000 feet.  I went up to altitude with the other two.  Again, climbed out of the plane, back flip, nice tuck too.  Then I practiced knee turns trying to rotate and stop on each 90 degree axis, both clockwise and counter-clockwise.  Nice landing, the wind was getting a bit more choppy at 3000 feet, and picking up a steady wind on the field.

I had to leave, it was around noon, but overall I was very happy with my practice jumps and the one three way we completed early in the morning.  Waking up and getting the first jump of the day in is one of the best experiences I have ever had in skydiving!


2 Responses to “Jumping from the N2666G Cessna again”

  1. damn, you make me wanna go to the dropzone like right now!!!
    why am I so poor at the moment?? =(
    and why do I keep visiting your blog when I know you write these skydiving posts that make me wanna rob a bank in order to go make some jumps =P

  2. From the early ’73 until the late ’82 I owned Triple 6 Gulf. It was a wonderful airplane for me and the family and we traveled extensivly with it. I’m pleased to see it’s still active, even hauling jumpers.

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