I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Team ??? Jumps again!

Our four team members met at STF on Saturday and we pulled off four team jumps. We are progressing nicely, but I can’t wait to compare it against the progress I hope we make on our next two upcoming meets.

I didn’t arrive until 1:30pm, a bit later than I had anticipated. I was pulling into the dropzone as the bus was leaving and the other three team members were already aboard the bus.

Our team is trying to come up with a name. I decided to share a few of the names, anyone who reads this can comment or email me directly and let me know what you think. I won’t tell you my favorites yet so I don’t skew the results in my favor. 🙂

1. Atlanta Infinity
2. Syzygy (means aligning of the heavenly bodies- ie us)
3. Fall Damage
5. Team Iridium (non-gay latin version of “of rainbows”)
6. Nate Fisher’s Falling Circus
7. Sex Machines
8. T34/\/\ 1337 /\/\4ChI/\/3
9. In Rainbows
11. Cypress Test Engineers
12. Gravitational Failure

Or suggest something new. I tried to pick Shoeless Wonders only because two out of four of us have already lost a shoe during our team exit’s. That didn’t stick with the team, I guess its not cool enough. Although I still wonder where those shoes landed. 🙂

Jump #46
First team jump (with all four of us since I was late) without camera.  The exit was so/so.  I ended up near James and Chris, but then they decided to spin around so I kept my distance and flew down to Abhi who was a bit lower.  Abhi and I were then on the same altitude face to face and got a dock.  It was wave off time, so I saluted, turned and burned before settling in the belly-arch and opening the canopy.  Nice landing…nice jump.

Jump #47
First team jump with the camera man (Big Eric).  Not a bad exit except I kept my legs bent in which helped the entire team to rotate (spin).  I promised to work on legs when we slide off the hill.  If I hadn’t mentioned before, I am the point man, the deflector of wind.  I aim my chest into the wind and try to keep the formation from flipping over or taking a nose dive.  Rest of the dive was nice, we turned and burned, nice landing.

Jump #48
The four/five way with camera.  I have been thinking we need more people on the team, so I invited Corey along.  He seems eager to fly with others and has the same experience level.  But I later caught hell from the team, because five just didn’t fit in to the dive properly.  They will get over it.  We have to do something, because practicing with two or three people when team members can’t practice just doesn’t work either.  Nice landing, etc.

Jump #49
Last flight of the day.  I love these flights.  This was also the first time I went up in the plane with Hans, the dropzone owner of STF.  He is very talented.  Maybe one day I will get to formation jump with him.  This time the team jump did better.  And we coordinated a little surprise for our camera man Eric.  We were to flip on our backs and flip him off.  Two of us did it, myself leading the way before we all turned away to fly away.  Was it fun? Yes, was it a bit crazy…yah.  But hey, if I took everything serious I would worry to much about jumping in the sport. 🙂

The opening on me was very rough.  It jerked me so hard I still think this is why different parts of my body feel sore.  I believe the reason my opening was so rough was I was tracking away fast…and didn’t give enough belly-arch before opening.  As soon as I felt the jerk, I started inspecting my rig to make sure I didn’t break any suspension lines or rip anything.  Everything looked good, and I performed two stalls just to make sure…one easy, then the second a hard one.  I didn’t want anything breaking on my final landing.

The landing was uneventful, but I think I was tired at the end of this day and I fell down when landing.  My legs were just tired or perhaps a bit sore from all the practice, jumping and packing between loads.  I must of packed in between each load in under 25 minutes.  I need to hire a packer next time I team jump.

Firsts? Crap…here we go, add it to my beer list.  First time I jumped the new Twin Otter being borrowed at our dropzone until March (so says the rumor).  First time I opened the canopy and thought I was going to have my butt cheeks wrapped around my head.  Don’t ask…it was very hard, no tears came out…just me screaming “FUCK”…but no one heard.

I carried my unpacked canopy to the car.  I didn’t feel like packing it, and I want to do a good inspection of it, untwist the break lines, etc.  Monthly inspection time…where I get to take it apart…clean and reassemble.  Crap…hope I reassemble it properly… 🙂

It was beer and food afterwards at Taco Mac.  Ahhh the wonderful waitress brought me out a Michelob Heffer…wtf? I hate domestic beer.  American beer is so watered down.  Next time I have to specify something not made in the good ‘ol USA.


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  1. My favorites are: Fall Damange and Gravitational Failure

    but I also like:
    Syzygy (means aligning of the heavenly bodies- ie us)

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