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Archive for November 2007

First Reserve Repack

November 29, 2007

I had my Super Raven 181 reserve repacked by ChutingStar Rigging Loft located right next to Skydive The Farm (STF), my home DZ.  Also during the repack I asked Mike Gruwell to also help me out with a few other items: Fix the new bottom stows for my brake/toggles, they are made from a spandex […]

Blogspot attracts more Skydiving blogs than WordPress?

November 6, 2007

I noticed another Skydiving blog that recently appeared on Blogspot named That’s two blogspot blogs (Stiletto and freefallphil) and only one wordpress (mine). Honestly, I could care less if they exist on WordPress or Blogspot.  But I would encourage every skydiver old and new to begin blogging and sharing their stories about skydiving.

Kids free fly better than most skydivers

November 6, 2007

This video rocks…

A Skydive Halloween Party?

November 4, 2007

Saturday afternoon I found myself at Skydive The Farm (STF) jumping through a hula hoop, partying dressed as a pirate skeleton for Halloween and then waking up Sunday morning only to jump again a few more times before calling it time to go home.