I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Blogspot attracts more Skydiving blogs than WordPress?

I noticed another Skydiving blog that recently appeared on Blogspot named

That’s two blogspot blogs (Stiletto and freefallphil) and only one wordpress (mine).

Honestly, I could care less if they exist on WordPress or Blogspot.  But I would encourage every skydiver old and new to begin blogging and sharing their stories about skydiving.


One Response to “Blogspot attracts more Skydiving blogs than WordPress?”

  1. My blog isn’t just skydiving, but I put a hefty amount on there. If you want to see just the skydiving bits then check out

    I’m a RAPS freefall student at Peterlee parachute centre over in North East England.

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