I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

First Reserve Repack

I had my Super Raven 181 reserve repacked by ChutingStar Rigging Loft located right next to Skydive The Farm (STF), my home DZ.  Also during the repack I asked Mike Gruwell to also help me out with a few other items:

  • Fix the new bottom stows for my brake/toggles, they are made from a spandex material and the one on the right was tearing a bit
  • Add new excess brake line stows on the back side of my risers
  • find a nice secure spot for my hook knife

When I picked up my gear I was impressed.  Mike walked me over the changes.  He made a little pouch for the hook knife with a snap attached.  Inspected and repacked my main canopy and hooked me up with a new closing loop.

It was great to also pick his brain a bit before letting him get back to work so he could go home.


3 Responses to “First Reserve Repack”

  1. Hi,

    Keep on writing will you 🙂

    I’ve read your whole blog and think it’s brilliant. Thanks for writing it. I’m doing AFF in the next month and I’ve been looking for student sites blogging on their experiences. There ain’t many. if u know of others feel free to email me.

    Also, I found this site below which is well worth reading from the start, it’s from the AFF instructors point of view.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Its good another new skydiver found the information useful. Best wishes on your AFF and your new lifestyle as a skydiver. Its the best decision I ever made.

    I’ll check out the new website. I’ll be also posting what happened this weekend. Great times!

    Blue skies!

  3. Hey Mark,

    I’m really glad your still writing your blog, it’s because of this that I’ve added a link to it on my website. plus a link to the video (on google) which I am pretty sure is yours (is it??). I used an excerpt on the post too- I hope that is okay with you – let me know otherwise and I’ll remove it.

    I start groundschool tomorrow at the UAQ aeroclub – been waiting for a long while to do this. cheers – Liam

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