I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Skyweekend #1 – Day Two

We awoke around 8am on Sunday with barely three hours sleep and a bit hung over. Damn…what happened last night? :-p

After a quick bagel from the hotel, we hopped in the car and headed to Skydive Deland in Deland, Florida. On the way there, Abhi got stopped by the police for speeding! The officer was nice at least, but damn that will cost him 7-8 jumps. Big boy rules, we are all chipping in on the ticket.

We got to Skydive Deland and checked in. It went a lot smoother compared to Skydive City where we jumped yesterday. We got all set up and it was suggested because of our low # of jumps to land off in the student field. I had no objections. I’m here to have fun and enjoy the experience!

Jump #60
The goal was for Abhi and myself to dock with Chris. It was easy to identify Chris as he wore a big red jump suit. When we exited the aircraft, I twisted a bit and flipped over on my back. Then I got a bit concerned that I would fall too fast and never get the dock on Chris, I immediately flipped over and headed straight towards him.

I docked with Chris at 11,500 feet. I looked down a few times for the landmarks, we were all in a perfect drop zone for our landing. Chris and I looked over at Abhi, motioning for him to come on in and get a dock. He tried several attempts, but each time he got close, he’d put his arms in front of him and would pop up high over us.

We all headed across the runway towards our landing zone. It was suppose to be a left hand pattern, but another guy on his AFF landed the opposite way, leaving me to rethink my pattern. I watched as Abhi and the AFF student came a bit close. I always keep my distance with the very new students so they don’t feel uncomfortable. The goal was to land as close to the white cross and I was a bit high, so I did a few shallow S turns to bleed off my height. Was it enough? YES! My right foot stepped squarely right in the center of the X, and I ran out my landing just past and outside the X. Chris was right behind me, so I stepped off to the side. He almost landed on top of it too, but overshot it by only feet!

I screamed so loud in excitement with another great jump, a great warm day and a great landing. Does it get any better? Ok I talked a bit smack for hitting my X to Chris and Abhi. It was all from the natural high I was still coming down from. I hope the students don’t think we are all assholes from The Farm in Georgia. 🙂

We got back and I packed, then we ate lunch while waiting for our next jump. The clouds rolled in and the weather hold pushed us into an early departure. Damn! But we weren’t done yet.

Tunnel Time (15 mins.)
We got back to Orlando and headed to our appointment at the Skyventure Orlando to be instructed by Martin at

I was a bit unsure how good of a coach Martin would turn out to be. But right from the beginning it became clear to us that he knew how to fly and how to teach it! Tonights lessons would be flying praying mantis, hand and leg turns, side stepping, descending and ascending properly, and forward/backward flight. It was all about learning the right way to fly and honing on those basics. It turned out to be very insightful and rewarding.

I had fun from the jump through the door into the tunnel, flying along side Martin and feeling each and every mistake and learning the proper correction. I learn best with experimentation, trying out different positions and feeling the effects. I learned so much. I could never learn this much falling from any sky for only 60 minutes at a time. Skydiving just takes way too long. Jumping in the tunnel is like time compression. I got what amounts to 15 skydive jumps, but allowed to focus on specific movements.

Anyone who has just completed their AFF get about 40 jumps in and head to the tunnel. I’m at 60 jumps now, and it was the most rewarding experience to date in my short skydiving history. Heck, you may want to head there with only 10 or 15 jumps. Maybe learning the right way to control your body even earlier would help?

Blue skies!


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