I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Skyweekend #1 – Day Three

Two days were not enough for Skyweekend #1. Chris, Abhi and I returned once again to Skyventure Orlando for more air time. Chris and Abhi had another second early evening training session with Martin from

We wanted to get some more practice time after watching yesterdays video over and over again nitpicking every single detail.
Tunnel Time (Afternoon practice)
Before the training session, all three of us decided to get more practice time (15 mins) before they returned for more instruction with Martin. Overall, we all improved and tried to help each other by pointing out each of our issues. I will note (because Chris is suppose to be reading this) that I have coined a new phrase called Hellen Keller. When you see his hands dance around in a video I expect to post, you’ll know what I mean! :-p

Tunnel Time (Early evening)
We return back to the tunnel where I get an opportunity to watch an instructor (Rick?) train another safety guy (Skyventure employee). I had only heard about rough the training can be, where you have to keep catching a falling body ensuring their safety. I would like to work here, even if it was only on the weekends.

Chris and Abhi jumped in the tunnel with Martin for more instruction. By the time they got out, Martin had improved them even more, trying to break any of their bad habits. That was when I asked them both if they wanted to get another slot of time with me later that night.

While Martin, Chris and Abhi were debriefing I was able to hang out and pick up some great advice from Sally. She is from with Martin. I listened very carefully to everything she told me. Its not every day you get great advice while just hanging around the snack area.

We headed over to get some wings with Kevin (one of the guys from Skyventure) and then return back to the tunnel. Chris and I both decided we would each buy 15 minutes. And to both combine that time, fly an entire 30 min. block with no breaks. It was quite the feat.

Tunnel Time (Evening)
We ended up doing turns and side practice touches. Then we played follow the leader, flying around and touching a point somewhere inside the tunnel, then the other person had to fly and touch the same spot. We flew big circles around the tunnel varying our height and forward and backward movement.

One of the more helpful practice sessions was when we were practicing side docks, and the person would vary their height, causing the other person to have to climb or descend to match the height before docking. Combining both was tricky but we soon mastered it.

Overall, I can’t wait to jump at STF (Skydive The Farm) soon. I hope that my tunnel time sticks and I can utilize these newly learned skills starting at 13500 feet!

Thanks to Martin and Sally from and the staff over at Skyventure Orlando. I couldn’t have learned so much in this short of a time without all their help.

Blue skies!


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