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Flying on airlines with your skydive rig

This past weekend, I flew from Atlanta, GA to Tampa, FL and then returned from Orlando, FL back to Atlanta, GA.  I received no questions going both ways about my skydiving gear.

At the airport in Atlanta, I looked over and the guy who was talking to another guy didn’t even blink when my parachute rig went through the security xray machine.  Whew…..I was not going to have to take it out of the carrying bag and explain it is perfectly acceptable to take this on board the plane.

On the flight home tonight from Florida.  I went through security in Orlando, and I watched the lady and her jaw dropped and she looked puzzled for a minute, then she shook her head and sent the bag through the rest of the way.  It was almost as if she didn’t recognize what it was, then when she did, she was very confident what it was.  She never looked over at me or the other security guards.  She never took her eyes off the screen.

So for those of you wondering if you should or should not travel with your rig, it is quite acceptable, and I did not have a single issue.  I’m did read on that smaller airports typically are more concerned, as they have less traffic and probably do not see as many items traveling through their airport like a skydiving rig.


One Response to “Flying on airlines with your skydive rig”

  1. I’ve had similar experiences – usually no trouble.

    The best experience I had traveling was back when I first started jumping. I had a small bag for my gear, and had to carry the rig like a backpack. As I got on the plane, the pilot standing at the door looked at my rig and remarked, “I hope you’re not a mechanic for this airline.”

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