I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Jumping in December at The Farm!

Went out jumping and it was one of the best days I have ever jumped in the short time I have been skydiving. I showed up at STF (Skydive The Farm) where I was able to pick up my new suit with patches sewn on and shoe goo on the booties. Mike Gruwell rocks at Chuting Star Loft.

The weather was perfect. 60 degrees on the ground, no wind on the ground and very little at 3/6/9k feet. I was surprised by the conditions as we have been having days of rain, wind. I think this day was given to us by the skydiving gods up above! 🙂

Jump #61
First jump of the day, first jump since I collected 60 mins. in the tunnel and first jump with my new suit. I ended up jumping with two other guys I jumped with before (Arnie and ???) making it a 3-way. We exited at 14000, I dove head down towards them and had no problems matching both of them. I gave them a little room as Arnie was going to practice a few sit dives. I was happy that I was able to match the fall rate as he tumbled while I was on my belly by making my profile small and arching. The new suit helped out a lot. Touch down was awesome, I called my spot at 500 feet and came pretty damn close.

Jump #62
I was about to pull a solo and get some real tunnel time practice, but Big Steve asked me if I would jump with JJ. He has 70 odd jumps and it was his first visit to The Farm. I was more than happy to help out. Our #1 goal was to point out the farm and make sure JJ could identify it both in the aircraft and while free falling. After we left the aircraft, and I pointed to the farm while we flew our slots; he was able to find it. We ended up both matching fall rates and did a few 360’s before we broke apart and tracked away. I had one line twist, nothing major, fixed it and did a few spirals to 1000 feet to bleed off the altitude.

Jump #63
Another 3-way with Arnie and ???. We exited and docked with ease. Then we broke off and all of us did 360’s. I need to remember to keep looking at my group while doing a 360 and keep my eyes on them. Instead of docking again we flew slots. They drifted a part slightly, so I decided to take this opportunity to slide back and forth. I slide left, touched a hand…slid right…touched another. It was good practice. I think they were wondering…WTF is this bozo doing? But on the ground they said it was all good. I was under canopy at 3k feet with all my checks done, so I decided to play around on the canopy. I am getting more and more comfortable with this canopy.

Jump #64
Laura, James, Lindsy and myself jumped. Laura was senior and reviewed the steps/procedures. We did a door exit. Laura and Lindsy were outside, James and I inside. I was suppose to grab Laura’s chest strap, I held back at first (during practice), and she said to treat her like any other skydiver. GAME ON! LOL…

We exited, and James and Lindsy got tangled up, or James was really trying to hump Lindsy’s leg?? I dunno. Laura got loose, but James had a tight grip on my arm grip. I kept shaking my arm to get him to let go, and eventually it worked. James fell much lower than us. I flew over to Laura and we docked. I then started spinning us one way, then reversed it using my legs/knees. I am really enjoying this stuff.

I felt bad, I should have darted over to Lindsy, as she is a newer skydiver and gotten her to dock with me. I told her next time we’d get another jump and dock. James and Lindsy while both new to the air, are doing great.

I came in for a landing over the hanger, and did a few S turns to keep me closer to the hanger. Over the trees in the middle…nice I liked where I landed. I was going to attempt to fly through the gates, but someone was over there. Maybe another time.

All in all an excellent day. I packed my rig for the last jump in less than 15 minutes…I kept telling myself…I hope this opens. But I feel very comfortable with packing now. I don’t cut corners…ok maybe only when it comes to stuffing that chute in the damn bag! 🙂

Ended the day with a few beers, then headed home and crashed my neighbors party. Then it was awesome sex with Stephanie. Skydiving, drinking and sex. No complaints…everything held up just fine! :-p


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