I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Heading to Skydive Sebastian

I headed out to Skydive The Farm and was able to get in one jump before we had to repack our canopies and get aboard the aircraft and head for Sebastian, Florida (Skydive Sebastian).

Jump #65
At first I was going to do a solo. There was some RW work being headed up by Anthony, but I wanted to practice a few things myself before jumping in with a group of people. I was sitting next to Rodrigo on the bus and after talking we both decided to jump together. I have always enjoyed jumping with Rodrigo even when I did most of my coach jumps with him earlier in the year. He is calm, gives good feedback and is more than eager to have fun and get practice work in on the jump.

We exited at 15000 docked. Our exit was as perfect as we were going to get it. We leveled off and I let go of him. Flew around in front of him and docked with his arms. I then let go and flew around him…facing him the whole time, where I docked with his arms one more time. Now it was his turn and he flew around me. Next I did a 360 turn and re docked. Wow…looking at my altimeter we still had several thousand feet left. So I decided to fly around him again, this time with docks. I did a side body dock, then his feet, another side body then his hands. I released and checked the altimeter again and we were 500 feet above our break off point, so we looked around and smiled before waving off.

I entered a track and noticed he was still watching me. I can remember when Rodrigo helped me perfect my tracking which seemed like so long ago. When was under canopy, I did some fast spirals and then decided to head on in and land. I came up over the hanger and turned it left, did a few S turns and landed near where I had picked out during my upwind leg. I try to leave nothing to waste when I skydive…always trying to improve during freefall and then later on my landings both in proximity and standing them up smoothly. Since there was no wind, I had to run out my landing a few steps, but I stood it up nicely.

Headed back to the hanger and began packing after a short discussion and high five with Rodrigo. I began packing my parachute and then repacking my altimeter and helmet for the ride to Sebastian.

Plane ride to Sebastian, Fl
We all made a mad run to the bus, then the plane getting things in order and taking off to Florida. I included a snap shot right here…

Mark and Chad

Once we landed, it was night time and hot. I began removing layers of clothing just to get comfortable. We all ran to the bar for much needed food and drink. The bartender sadly would not sell me a case of beer. I had wanted to buy a round since this was my first skydiving boogie. That’s alright, we found someone to take us to the store and in total we all purchased four cases of beer, a bottle or two of liquor, party hats, styrofoam coolers and ice.

I think everyone including myself were so excited to be there we drank quickly and all kept wondering when it was going to be new years!! I found myself on new years on the dance floor with my camera unable to hear a thing. I took a lot of photos until I thought my camera battery was dead. It appears later I found out I put it in the wrong mode but was too drunk to troubleshoot it. :-p

I ended up heading to bed in the plane with ear plugs (because the music was still playing) earlier than most. I really wanted to skydive the next day. May as well begin sleeping some of this toxin in my blood system off, no?

One last mention…thank you to the fuckers who came in and kept partying like rock stars while the rest of us just lay there! :-p (That’s ok it was payback in the morning!)


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