I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Birthday Skydive Celebrations!

Went to Skydive The Farm and had a bitching time! Saturday, Feb 2nd was DZ Chad’s birthday, so after skydiving we went to dinner and sang Happy Birthday to him. It is always a great time at Skydive The Farm…jump all day, grab dinner and then laugh over videos taken from that day with a few beers. I may have understated the “few” part. There is really a family attitude at The Farm. Sure it may be made up of a bunch of misfits, but hey…were still family! šŸ™‚

My birthday was on Monday, Feb. 4th. I decided I wanted a audible altimeter for my birthday, which I picked up from Mike at Chuting Star. He was helpful in answer all my damn questions too! I purchased the PRO-TRACK, with Jump-Track and the much needed USB to serial conversion cable. So not only did I get an audible altimeter, but now I can record and download each of my skydives! I’m not quite sure how I will even use it yet. I overheard from Nate how a guy from Georgia Tech made a tracking device which also included GPS. It reminded me of the SparkFun website, and the GPS products they sell.

I like the device. After reading a few pages between jumps, and messing around with it, I have it set up properly. Reading the manual helped of course. šŸ™‚ I will note that I have an open face skate board helmet and keeping the device inside the helmet above my head is not the best solution. I need to cut the foam a bit and move it closer to my ear. Of course the best thing would be to buy a closed helmet, but that is another purchase and I haven’t made up my mind on which helmet yet. The PRO-TRACK has a high/low volume level, but when I’m tracking and the way I had it positioned, I could not hear it while set to high. I can however hear it while arching belly down and of course under canopy.

I like the reminder at 2500 feet. On one jump I found myself kicking out of a few line twists and the loud reminder was a good backup reminder. Ok…back to jumping…

Jump #72
Nate came in and jumped with us. The guy is talented, which you can see in this video. Chris, Nate and I formed a decent 3-way. Nate kept things together which made the jump look a lot better. We did a round, to an open accordian, and I don’t recall the last formation.

Great jump as you can see in this video.

Jump #73
This time James had arrived, we did a 4-way RW jump with Nate, Chris, James and myself. It was fun, we pulled a few points, but we have a long way to go.

Jump #74
Nate went to do an AFF jump while James, Chris and practiced a 3-way jump.

Jump #75
James, Chris and I did a three way. David was the one on video. The jump itself was not very clean, and fell apart. Fun jump….good landing.

After I got packed back up, it was time to head to dinner and later kick back and talk with friends like Rodrigo.

I stayed overnight at Skydive The Farm, and the next morning jumped on two more loads before I had to split and to watch the Superbowl!


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  1. Well written post, looks brilliant on my iPhone as well.

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