I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Last two for the weekend

Sunday, when I awoke, I jumped up quickly. I always do that when I’m sleeping at Skydive The Farm, for fear I will miss getting on the first load of the day. We headed to Waffle House for some breakfast.

Jump #76
Pulled off an excellent skydive with Rodrigo, Chris and David on camera. We broke our 4-way into two 2-ways, rotated, joined back up into a 4way and repeated. Good jump, the landing was smooth.

Jump #77
4way tracking dive with David and DZ Chad. Chris had to leave, but I kind of wished he had stuck around for this last jump. James and I did a tracking dive last time with Chad, and it is never short of a few laughs. This time, I was very aggressive from the minute I let go of the plane as Chad had told me to do. David later comes down to try to flip my leg and send me tumbling…but it didn’t work, this time! 🙂

Great weekend…six jumps. I need to stick more on my body position and arch hard, not get sloppy. I think me being sloppy is inducing line twists.


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