I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Line Twists?

Went to Skydive The Farm, on Sunday, March 2nd. It was estimated to be 66°F and actually the temp. rose into the 70’s!

I showed up and spoke to a few friends when the first load of the day was taking off. I finally manifested and jumped on my first skydive in almost a month!

Jump #78
I ended up with a solo on this one. I couldn’t recall the last time I jumped solo, so it was kind of nice. I exited in a forward flip, dove head down and leveled out nicely. I practiced slow controlled turns with my arms and legs just as I had learned in the wind tunnel last fall. Then I began to track forward and then put my arms out, bent my legs and dug them down to do a hard controlled stop. Opened around 5k ensuring my body position was perfect. And I got line twists!! Uneventful landing.

Jump #79
James and Chris showed up and the three of us jumped, exit was a bit weak. We did ok, but I knew we could do better. Landing was rough…fell forward on my stomach just after taking a few steps. My opening was clear without line twists! But they were close.

Jump #80
James/Chris and I did another 3way. Exit was smooth and we alternated on who was base by transitioning from round to open accordions all the way down. I screwed up the last one as I was suppose to be base and lost track of the order. 🙂 We did end up pulling off our full cycle at least two times. Line twists again, landing was uneventful.

It was a good day, but I decided to bail a tad early due to family obligations. That’s my damn excuse! 🙂

Did you notice the title of this post and a common theme? About 15 jumps ago, I began getting line twists. Almost every jump. I’ve tried different packing methods checking/adjusting body position. It seems nothing is working. Well my reserve needs a repack, and my main lines were looking a little frayed so I had asked Mike (Master Rigger from ChutingStar) to check them out. I mentioned my line twists to him and he began asking me questions about what was happening.  He suggested my lines could need a replacement. So the plan is Mike is going to check the trim and order a new line set.

The upside is I’ve gotten pretty good at clearing line twists. The downside…I don’t want to be as good as I am. I want to open, inspect, flare and fly. 🙂


2 Responses to “Line Twists?”

  1. I’m a student so only on 14 jumps, but I’ve had twists on at least 75% of my jumps – I reckon its just something that you have to live with – as the bag comes out even a slight gust can spin it and straight away you’ve got twists.

    In addition – approve my comment on your “not many skydiving blogs” post from November 😉

  2. Hey Mike,

    Yah I picked up my rig today, and spoke to Mike G. who repacked my reserve. He said the line trim is fine, so it has to be a packing or body position issue. I’ll take a closer look at both.

    Nice website…blue skies…

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