I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Jumps #81-85

I headed out to Skydive The Farm (STF) after some breakfast Sunday morning.  On the way out there, I stopped to pick up brunch and the lady asked if I was headed to church.  I replied seriously, yes I am headed up to see him as many times as I can today when I go skydive.  She wasn’t obviously listening to me or the least bit interested in what I had to say because she replied with “Oh, that’s nice”…

What do I say.  I arrived at The Farm and said hello to the crew.  I was helping to move the tailer they tow to  pick up skydivers when we noticed a few landed off.  I hopped into one of the buses and headed up the road to pick them up.  The first four jumpers who exited, went early, downwind and ended up not being able to make it back.  They were all good…and we had laughs driving back to The Farm.

Jump #81
Shortly after I manifested for the second load of the day, Abhi showed up.  He set up to complete his re-currency jump with Rodrigo.  I jumped with Kent, who was looking to refine his precision and needed a reference point to dock on, fly around, etc.  I happily volunteered when I found he was flying solo.  Its hard to practice those skills flying solo.

Jump #82
Jumped with Chad and Abhi.  Chad recorded us on camera and video, which you can see here…

Jump #83
Jumped with Abhi.  We did a two way exit practicing a few docks, etc.

Jump #84
Fun jump with Chad and Abhi.  This was a lot of fun.  No camera’s, just follow the leader…who was Chad.  I ended up trying to sit fly twice…falling on my back both times, but I almost held one!  When I was on my approach to land, I ended up crossing the dirt road, and was heading for a little creek.  I put one foot down just before it, and pushed hard off with my leg, skipping across the water, landing on the other side.  Using every ounce of lift left in my canopy to skip across.  I wish I had someone catch it on camera.  Another guy next to me saw it….and said it was bad ass! :-p

Jump #85
Jumped on sunset load.  It was beautiful.  I ended up joining up with a group of six other skydivers who were tracking.  As soon as I exited I was almost withing docking range as the leader (Dave) flew on his back.  I ended up almost making it back, fell short and landed one field before The Farm!

All jumps were smooth.  No line twists, and I stood up all landings despite almost stepping in water on one! 🙂

All in all, the day was excellent.  I have fun every time I skydive, but I cannot remember the last time I jumped all day and kept heading back up for another.  The first jump started out a little bumpy with the wind coming in, but the wind smoothed out so calm, that by the end of the day I landed near the gates, exactly where I was aiming.


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