I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Good Vibes Boogie

I had a great time, taking off work Thursday and Friday, attending the Good Vibes Boogie hosted at Skydive The Farm, my home DZ!

Thursday I arrived later than planned, in the afternoon, due to some unforeseen issues at work. I quickly manifested and jumped on a not so perfectly good airplane! 🙂 Thursday night I decided to drive back home and sleep in a warm comfortable bed!

Friday morning I arrived and began working on the new manifest LCD, which shows the loads, open slots, and the jumpers on them. Friday night, was filled with a food run, some beers and heading to bed to get some sleep.

Saturday I awoke around 8am. I slept OK, but in the bunk room (bunk beds filled to the ceiling), we had two who snored. So I was happy to get up and take a shower, grab breakfast and be ready for another day of jumping. Later in the morning the skies cleared enough to send up some loads.

Saturday night started out with two kegs of beer, liquor, catching up with friends and making new ones!

Over the three days I was there, I was able to get in six jumps. The very last jump I learned a valuable lesson. We were doing a 12way speed star, and our exit was fast. I was second from the back. My left shoulder and face clipped the door frame upon my exit, bruising my shoulder. Once I left the plane I immediately felt pain. Something in my head told me to remain calm, check my altitude, and keep a distance from the group.

First I grabbed my hurt arm, as I initially thought I dislocated my shoulder. I flew slow and used my feet to turn me, staying away from the large group forming to the side and below me. I checked my arm and it began moving. Then I did a few practice arch’s with my arms up to make sure it could hold up against the air. Next I reached the bottom of my altitude, staying away from everyone, I opened at our predetermined altitude. I did three practice flares. My shoulder hurt but I knew I could land safely.

I had fun jumping, as it shows in this video posted by David. The video covers Kyle’s 100th jump and Big Eric’s 300th jump! I’m one of the guys in the black suits with gold grips. And in the canopy that is all black with the center cell painted green. Enjoy!!!


5 Responses to “Good Vibes Boogie”

  1. Interesting video, glad nobody got hurt… people need to stop reaching when coming in for a dock. Congrats on the 100th!

  2. Agree….it took me a long time to learn to fly better, but I’m still not perfect either. I tend to want to reach in unless I hold my hands in front of me and say do not reach out and grab… 🙂

    Kyle got his 100th….I have yet to get mine. I have 9 more to go! 🙂

  3. Just think like a T.Rex. Those tiny arms made sure that he never had bad forward movement to a dock. 🙂

    Or use the string limiter concept. Imagine that one end of a string is tied to your hands and the other to your feet. As you move forward with leg extension, you must bring your hands back. As you press your chest into a dock, you only move your hands enough to take grips and your feet adjust with the string. This keeps you falling at a constant rate (until the dock, of course) because your silhouette area doesn’t change. Good times man.

  4. That’s a really good way of putting it. 🙂 Blue skies….or I wish. Gray skies with moisture today! 😦

  5. Hey Mark, your almost there!! I was on a young ladies 100th yesterday, it was a hybrid, a big one, lots of fun.

    Just remember, slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Take it slow when closing on the formation and it will work out. David’s comments on the string is a great way to look at it. The only thing that I’d add is once you’ve taken your dock you really should keep some positive leg pressure pushing you into the center of the formation. Everybody should be.

    Congrats on the upcoming 100th, you’ll have it in no time!!


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