I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Fighting Rush Hour Traffic to Skydive

On Friday, April 18th, I left work a little early so I could get to the dropzone in time for a few skydives. Well as luck has it the traffic was much worse than I had anticipated. I was able to make it to the dropzone with enough time for one jump, the sunset load.

Jump #92

We had four outside the door of the plane, and two inside. I was rear-rear float. Basically, I had room to stand at the door, but I stood back on the step behind the door, to give those at the door more room.

We all got to a six way circle, Michelle called the break off, and we all did a back flip. I really thought doing this, Hog Flop as they call it would create a mess. But all but one or two people were still in their spots. We joined back up and waited on the other two. One came in, I was motioning for the second one, Kyle to jump up. But he saw we were running out of space. So we all let go, and there was a slight pause, so I did another back flip. When I looked back up, I saw Andy above me a bit looking right at me. I smiled then turned and tracked away.

Just before opening, I saw Kyle to my left. I waited a little bit longer for him to open. I saw his canopy come out, and I waved, and pulled.

My descent was more of a crab, trying to stay with the left hand pattern, landing away from the hanger. Then around 500 feet I turned left, and made a long base, making another left hand turn to my final into the wind. I was able to land near the gates and flag, but I caught a little turbulence and came down a little hard. No problem, just that I didn’t stand up the landing…I fell forward a bit.

Good jump…we all had fun. I am looking forward to jumping again on Saturday and Sunday!!!


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