I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

100th Jump!!!

There I was, returning to Skydive The Farm around 4:30am. I was pulling onto the dirt road, when I saw the lights in the hanger get shut off. Doh! I slept as long as I could; sleeping bag, one ear plug, the other ear mashed against a pillow…..yes I wanted to catch some ZZZZZzzzzz’s.

I finally awoke, got Jason to head over to The Farm to jump with a coach for his 25th jump. I sat in the hallway waiting on a shower, when I began talking with Andy and (oohh I’m so sorry I forgot her name) about the Clairmont Lounge and Blondie. I have a new goal…take Andy to the CL and buy him a dance with Blondie. I’m sure he’ll thank me! Hey its a landmark in Atlanta…how can you resist? She’s such a sweetie too!

Jump #96
I manifested for the second load of the day. I jumped with Arne, whom I haven’t seen in a while. We were two silly ragdolls flying around each other grabbing a dock on each axis.

Jump #97
I jumped with Adam, and who else? Ahh it doesn’t matter…it was fun!

Jump #98
2way jump with Jason. We both work at the same company, and I wanted him to get use to jumping at The Farm and practice jumping with someone else. Jumping solo sucks….

Jump #99
Another jump with Jason. His non-jump suit attire is causing him to fall slower than me. I was doing everything I could to “grab” the air but it didn’t help. Fucker…I thought to myself because he got a couple extra seconds of play time in free fall!!!

The downside to his fall rate is exactly where I was when I was at 25 jumps. I couldn’t penetrate fast enough for the life of me. I’d try to hang with the group and end up as a floater. I later realize that arching is not the only way to catch up. Make your profile smaller, slick clothing (suit) and of course weight all help. But in the beginning everyone told me to arch more. Yah great, my broken back thanks you!

Jump #100
I waited almost two hours for the sunset load to jump this one. It was amazing. How else do you describe jumping as base, calling the jump, getting a nice tight round going, more join in….a wave forms, the round breaks apart and we all end up tracking away.

I pop my canopy….damn line twists. I thought I got rid of these! Then Big Eric follows me around under canopy while I fly in coordinated circles.

I land….yell my ass off….and return to the hanger to begin packing, filling out the log book…

“Please come out in front of the hanger for pictures.” Yah right, I know your going to pie me…but I walk out there anyway. I got something like five pies in the face…head, neck….crap. I tried to open my eyes and my eyes were blurry. Damn….it stung but tasted so damn good.

I didn’t think my 100 would be as big of a deal, and I don’t care to have the spot light on myself. But I have to admit, afterwards…as I thought more about it, I was happy to think back about how much it did matter. 100 jumps doesn’t stack up against the other jumpers who have thousands….but 100 jumps in less than a year, jumping part time isn’t bad either. I hope to knock out another 100 this summer before the winter hits.

Blue skies…


4 Responses to “100th Jump!!!”

  1. Well done on the 100th jump man! Were the photos you posted on Flickr from those jumps? Pretty good to get 100 jumps in the first year – doubt I’ll get that many before October but I’ll definitely get my A licence.

  2. Thanks man! The photos I posted on Flickr are from the day before (Saturday). I am waiting to get my hands on the photos and video for my 100way. I’m waiting patiently….just don’t have the video and pics in my hands yet. 😦

  3. Congrats again on your 100th. Glad I could be on it, eve if I didn’t get in the round. 🙂

  4. Thanks man! We’ll jump again soon!

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