I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Free Fly has started!

I went out to The Farm, after leaving work early.  When I arrived, Warren asked me when I’d switch to the dark side.  I have always wanted to learn Free Fly so I eagerly stood still while duct tape was applied around my ankles to keep my cargo pants down.  I refer to it as the poor mans free fly suit.  But hey it works well!

Jump #101
I listened to Warren and Sandy instruct me on which things I should think about during the sit fly.  Push down with your legs, keep your legs spread, arms to the side.  If I fall on my back, bend my legs in and push down slightly.

I rehearsed the exit with Warren.  We were docking with our feet and knees.  This would help me keep more stable as he would help hold me upright while I worked on the proper position.  Then we let go of our legs and I was sit flying.  I tumbled onto my back a lot, but I was able to bring myself up for a second or two before then tumbling back again.  Warren grabbed my arm to help keep me upright.

Wow…I had so much fun.  It was like learning skydiving all over again! We bottomed out around 5k, and I flipped on my belly and tracked away from both of them.

Jump #102
This time Chucky invited me on a free fly.  There was five of us including Corie, Charley, and David on camera.  We exited and fell apart.  Charley and I were still docked, but I felt staying like that was making me unstable so I let go and decided to go solo.

It was a good dive, but I was falling a lot slower then the group.  So when they got below me, I tracked out to the side and stayed in belly watching them all open.  I was almost 1500 feet above them!

Jump #103
I set up to do a solo Freefly jump.  I exited rolled over once and held my sit fly position.  I was actually sit flying!  I held the position for a few thousand feet and then I decided it was time to experiment.  I pushed my feet further down, back up to get a feel for what it did.  I moved my hands, and turned only slightly.  Then I think I was getting tired, because I relaxed and rolled on my back.  I flipped over on my belly and looked around to make sure I was clear of everyone else.  Wave…open…!

For a quick hop out to The Farm after work, it was a great day!  I brought my daughter Samantha and she had a great time playing with Ella and the other kids there.  Skydive The Farm is a great place for family and to get your mad skilz on while up in the air!


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