I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Sit Fly Crazy!

Went out to Skydive The Farm (Sunday) and had a blast! I arrived about 30 mins. late, after the first load of the day took off. The day was warm, a few light clouds which made it fun to punch through. I didn’t rush too badly, and I was able to comfortably pull off seven skydives today!

One year ago today I was doing my ground school AFF instruction class with Andy.  In two days, May 6th, I will have been skydiving for one year.  I don’t count the tandem jump I did back in 2005.  So if your following along, after today, I completed 110 skydives my first year in the sport.  I’m sure I will complete more my second year, but I’m not racing to pull off an enormous amount.

Jump #104
I did a solo sit fly on this jump. My goal was to get out, get comfortable holding a sit fly again and see where I was a week after first learning how to sit fly. I exited facing towards the back of the plane, held the sit and gently glided down the slope into free fall. I didn’t have any references, so I worried less about forward/aft/side movement and more on stability, changing leg positions, arm positions to get the feel of stability/in-stability. Great jump!

Jump #105
Jason, one of the guys I know from work and I did a two way sit fly jump. This was to be his first sit fly (beer). I was able to more or less hold the sit fly, and I saw Jason giving it all his effort to keep from flipping. He wasn’t flipping too fast…I think overall he did good for trying to sit fly unassisted, something even I didn’t do my first time.

Jump #106
Amanda and I did a two-way sit fly. Our goal? Jump out of the plane un-docked, sit fly together. Yah right…she and I separated (high/low) and I tried like hell but couldn’t make it back over to her, or her over to me, or both. Either way I know one of us or both of us was doing something wrong…but I wasn’t sure what.

Jump #107
3way sit fly jump with Amanda and Jason. Sit fly, undocked. I was inside the plane and left just behind the both of them who were doing the poised sit exit facing forward/aft. Jason went high, and to my left and Amanda went low. I couldn’t keep up with Jason, so I tried to steer myself (sitting) toward Amanda. I didn’t get close, popped through a thin cloud, back flipped settling on my belly, cleared, arched, waved, pulled.

Jump #108
2way sit fly with Jason. We decided to try a foot/knee dock. It worked better than we thought. We were both sitting and started a little spin, then we settled that down. For some reason (we didn’t know why at the time) we were both pulling at each other’s legs something terrible. We both finally let go and distance grew between us as Jason tumbled a bit and went high. I couldn’t compensate enough to get back over to him.

Jump #109
I did a solo sit fly. I was able to practice two things I thought about. One was doing a sit, backflip, back into a sit. I did that four or five times. Then I practiced controlling my heading. I tried to complete turns, then 90 degree turns, in both directions.

Jump #110
Sunset load!!! I got Chad to jump with me. I wanted to jump with someone who was very experienced so I could learn what I was doing wrong. We exited and I held my sit. He flew up to me, but we couldn’t get close enough to dock. Then I noticed he was moving his feet up/down. That was a signal for me to push my feet down further. I did and noticed he was able to ease up and get in closer, before I side slipped.

I was able to turn and face Chad each time we nearly passed each other. But I learned that I was backsliding a lot! I need to lean back a bit further, push my arms back slightly, and my feet down and forward just a hair. That will let me drive forward, and keep me with whomever I am jumping with.

I’d like to get to a wind tunnel with a coach for 30 mins, then do another 30 mins solo practicing. I know it would help so much. Maybe in June.

Blue skies!


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