I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

B License

Sunday, May 25th I found myself in Huntsville, Alabama after dropping my son off at Space Camp. I decided to stop by Skydive The Farm on my return trip since it was on my way. Alabama allows the purchase of a beverage shared among skydivers, beer! So I picked up some as I owed it for my 100th skydive and my first sit fly! Besides it is always good to offer beer to the sky gods! 🙂

I showed up in time to complete two skydives.

Jump #111
Chad and I jumped doing a sit fly. I wore my Atlanta Thrashers hockey jersey and tried out some different pants. I think it was the pants that did me in, because I kept falling onto my back. It was my worst sit-fly yet!
I will redo the Atlanta Thrashers jump again when I get a bit more practice! Chad made me look good of course, you can see the video down below.

Jump #112
Another sit fly jump with Chad on sunset load! I went back to my regular clothes; cargo pants and a long sleeve Harley-Davidson shirt. It worked well, I felt like I was finally able to work on leaning back and my leg placement. I’m far from having it perfect, but I can at least hold it while I slowly drift backward. 😦

After opening under canopy I had my toggles in hand, and saw a skydiver drop from the sky, opening her parachute. It was not very close, but close enough that a thought crossed my mind. Wow, she fell below my altitude, while I’m here under an open canopy. How bad would this have been if she was closer? Kind of freaking nuts! Maybe I should go back to opening a tad lower?

B License Test Passed!
I re-took my B license test. Kyle, a fellow jumper did the same thing a week ago and passed it, but I wasn’t so lucky. I studied this week, even made up a study guide and passed the test with a 100%. Paperwork faxed, I should get my B license in the mail in 2-4 weeks. Thanks to Mike G., from ChutingStar, for administering the test and helping me get all the paper work filled out and turned in!

Video is below…thank you to Chad for hooking this up and making it two excellent skydives and one excellent video! It was titled by Chad as:


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