I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Sit Fly Train!

Chad and I went back near my house to grab food and a beer or two. Then we crashed at my house, awoke the next morning and rushed out to Skydive The Farm to prevent Chad from being late in case he had to do video on a tandem jump. We arrived just as the skydivers were getting on the bus. Hans flagged us down and said if we want on, grab our gear. I did just that!

Jump #113
I hooked up to do a jump with Chad (he didn’t have to fly video for a tandem) and Emilio. Emilio and I decided to depart the plane in what is called a train. I hook my feet under his arms, both of us sitting. This was a lot of fun, and Chad flew around capturing excellent video! You’ll see in the video below that the only weak item on this jump was our exit. I was trying to get Emilio to move forward (toward tail of plane) so I had enough clearance at the door. He thought I wanted to go, so we almost exited undocked, but we quickly fixed it and went. Jumping with Emilio is a blast. He is all about having fun. When you look at him, you see a big smile on his face.

Jump #114
I needed to practice my sit fly, and Dave, one of the most talented free flyers asked me if I wanted to jump with him. I felt it as an honor to be able to jump with Chad, Emilio and now Dave. I was really picking up some great tips and watching these other guys pull off what I am still trying to master. It helps a lot! Dave was flipping upside down into a head down and came right up in front of me, then flipped again. I was trying like hard to lean back a bit and fly forward. I was still sliding backward.

The opening of my parachute was something worth mentioning, and I will discuss it entirely in another post after this one. Its not something I or the other skydiver took lightly.

Jump #115
It started out that I was going to jump with Rodrigo, at I always learn and have a lot of fun jumping with Rodrigo. He is an excellent coach/instructor and always manages to mention something no one else has, that gets me where I want to be/or what I am trying to learn.

But the clouds had other plans. So a bunch of us after flying up to altitude flew back down under the covered blanket of clouds, exited at 4500 feet and did hop-n-pops. Maybe next time Rodrigo!

My landing? Well, lets just say after the previous jump’s near mishap, I was being attentive but maintaining my sense of fun. I remember turning on my base leg, then final for my approach. I saw a canopy, but he had not yet turned on his base leg. I looked down briefly and flew over Hans, I must of been 300 feet.

That is when I looked back up and saw the canopy not turning on a base, but he was landing towards me! I tried to guess which way he would be landing, so I could adjust and make a very slight turn. I checked my six and sides and no one else was in the landing pattern or area.

The skydiver, landed on the landing zone in the wrong direction. Everyone has done it, forgot or simply had no altitude left to make their turns. We were not very close, there was plenty of distance and I caught it in time to put myself over to one of the sides. Yes he was told which way to land. But the moral of this skydive? Always be ready for the unexpected!

I packed up when bad weather rolled in. They began jumping again, but since I was already packed, I decided to call it an early day and get home since I had to work the next day.

Blue skies…until next weekend!


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