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Friend does tandem at Skydive The Farm

June 28, 2008

I showed up in the afternoon, followed by a friend from work, Dorie.  She wanted to do a tandem skydive before her big family vacation next weekend.  I handed her the clipboard and told her to sign her life away and watch the video.  I then left to get a jump in… Jump #127 I […]

Skydiving Incidents & Safety Lost Throwaway

June 27, 2008

Here is an article shared by the author who had lost his main deployment handle (technical term in skydivers manual can be pull out handle as well). I’ve never had this happen, but it is a good reminder of checking your handles often before leaving the airplane.  I always try to run through the deployment […]

A Horny Gorilla, Anyone?

June 22, 2008

Headed once again out to Skydive The Farm in Rockmart, Georgia.  This time on the back of my Harley-Davidson V-Rod motorcycle.  It was a beautiful day, hot and sunny! Jump #124 This jump was a sit-fly 2way.  I actually have pictures of my exit thanks to DZ Chad! Jump #125 This jump four of us […]

Cessna Fun!

June 16, 2008

It was a beautiful Monday. Well it started out great because I decided to extend my fathers day weekend and take the day off work! :-p Chad (DZChad) gave me a call and told me they had a couple tandems. I so wanted to get at least one jump in. There I was on a […]

Bail at 5,000 feet

June 4, 2008

So your sitting there in the plane.  You are half way through your climb to altitude.  There are no hop-n-pops.  The pilot alerts the skydivers, its hop-n-pop time.  The plane is having serious mechanical issues.  He descends down to 5,000 feet. That is what happened last weekend with these 14 skydivers. I don’t know exactly […]