I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Cessna Fun!

It was a beautiful Monday. Well it started out great because I decided to extend my fathers day weekend and take the day off work! :-p

Chad (DZChad) gave me a call and told me they had a couple tandems. I so wanted to get at least one jump in. There I was on a Cessna taking off out of a grass field, hoping the pilot was able to pull the five of us on board (including pilot) up to clear the trees. Well…he did! πŸ™‚

Jump #122
We climbed to 10,500 feet, it was time! Chad opened the door and I climbed out. I was facing forward the air beating against my body and face. I looked back inside the plane at Chad and the pilot, smiled then tucked into a ball, falling backwards pushing with my feet into a backflip.

I must have back flipped ten times or so before I spread eagle, arched and leveled out nicely looking at the horizon. Next up was a sit fly…I know as Chad said it would eat up my time because I would fall faster, but I just couldn’t resist. I sat flew for a couple thousand feet before looking over at my altimeter, noting my altitude flipped backwards until I was on my belly, arched, waved and pulled!

I turned into the wind on my pattern, but I only had a quarter wind. As I came close to the ground and flared, the wind decided to throw me down a little harder than usual. It didn’t hurt or send a jolt into my bones as I’ve felt before, instead I landed on my feet, fell onto my knees and than hands. Oh well, nothing hurt… πŸ™‚

Jump #123
Second and last jump of the day. On the Cessna, 10,500 feet up. I opened the door slowly, climbed out and this time jumped with my back into the wind, turning a bit as I leaped. I went into a sit and practiced sitting. Then I became a bit more adventurous and decided to change my sit into a stand. I pulled it off! I felt like I was falling fast! Wow…back to a sit….then pushed my legs out a bit…I started to roll backward, but caught myself before falling on my back. This is getting more and more fun!

Entered the pattern, since I knew one hop-n-pop was already down and I could see the only other parachute in the sky at least 3,000 feet above me, I entered my final leg and turned it 45 degrees to land directly into the wind this time. This isn’t something I would do if any other canopy was even in a pattern to avoid confusion. But since I had the dropzone to myself for the time being, I didn’t feel like having the wind play tricks on me this time! πŸ˜‰

Blue skies…


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