I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Friend does tandem at Skydive The Farm

I showed up in the afternoon, followed by a friend from work, Dorie.  She wanted to do a tandem skydive before her big family vacation next weekend.  I handed her the clipboard and told her to sign her life away and watch the video.  I then left to get a jump in…

Jump #127
I did a 3-way free fly jump with Bruce, and John.  We exited sitflying, and I ended up being lower then both of them.  Bruce quickly caught up and fell a bit below me.  I stood up to compensate and leveled off with him.  Then I held relatively still while Bruce moved in and took a dock on me.  I’m not good enough to dock on someone else, but it was a great achievement being able to hold my spot while he came in close.

I landed and went to see Dorie.  She was stoked, but still waiting around to get on a load.  Its not typical to wait around long, but today Skydive The Farm had three ash dives for Lee.  Lee was a well respected (hardly) skydiver that everyone misses very much.  His family and friends all came out for the third attempt to ash dive.  Your going to think I’m cold, but the “hardly” above will be well understood by the friends/family of Lee.  He was known to speak very frank and often rip on just about anyone.  He made every one laugh.  I had been skydiving a short period of time and never got a chance to get to know him.  I’m sure if he were alive, he’d have some name in his book to refer to me by. 🙂

Dorie was bored and asked if she could pack my canopy.  If figured why not, and carefully went through the steps one by one.  I kept thinking, sure she can have fun and when she’s done I can go behind her and re-pack my canopy.  But she was so detail oriented she did a fabulous job! I carefully watched, and when she was done, I decided to jump my rig.  It was one of the softest openings I had.  Sure I jumped in to help with a few steps, but overall she did very well!

Jump #128
I was sitting on the airplane being the only free flyer.  Everyone else on the plane was either a tandem instructor, tandem or camera-man.  Wow…that is unique.  I went out first waving good-bye to Dorie and friends.  It was a great jump.  I was goofing off the whole way, sitting then flipping over on my back, back to my belly.  I finally rested on my belly and burned off the remaining thousand or two feet before opening my canopy (packed by Dorie).  Great jump…  I had bet Chad on the aircraft that I could land on the yellow arrow.  I was feet from it…I mean I could have reached it if the wind didn’t pick me back up and shove me to the side during my approach.  That’s ok, I didn’t get it, but I know my canopy skills have improved significantly for me to come that close with the variables winds.

Blue skies…I’m outta here….


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