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Olen Reid Ashe III – Rest in Peace

July 29, 2008

I normally have a thought in my head and have no problems writing about it.  Skydiving has made that extremely easy for me except for two times I can remember.  The first time was when a plane full of skydivers failed to reach their destination last year in Washington, the plane crashed, and all on […]

Skydive Weekend

July 25, 2008

Over this past weekend, I drove down to Orlando, Florida and on Friday, July 18th, I went and did 30 minutes in the SkyVenture Orlando wind tunnel with coach Martin from and James with whom I’ve skydived with countless times. I was set to work on free flying and nothing else.  Martin started me […]

Skyweekend Florida #2 – Day one

July 18, 2008

Last time I visited Orlando was back in December. I came down for a business trip, invited a few friends and we had one hell of a good time skydiving and practicing in the wind tunnel. Yesterday, James and I drove down from Atlanta.  Each in our own vehicles because he has to go back […]

Right After The Storm

July 12, 2008

James met me at my house, and we proceeded to Skydive The Farm.  Just before we arrived, we noticed the clouds overhead with streaks of lightening.  The entire drive up to Rockmart, GA had been clear and sunny with some clouds.  Upon arriving on the dropzone, not only was the sky dark gray, but the […]