I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Right After The Storm

James met me at my house, and we proceeded to Skydive The Farm.  Just before we arrived, we noticed the clouds overhead with streaks of lightening.  The entire drive up to Rockmart, GA had been clear and sunny with some clouds.  Upon arriving on the dropzone, not only was the sky dark gray, but the winds were strong and variable.

After waiting for the rain to stop and the weather to clear, we got ready and set up for some great skydives.

Jump #129
2way with James.  I put my RW suit on for the first time in the last twenty something jumps! We exited and James dropped far below me, so I went into a head down dive to catch him.  I leveled out and we docked, then James flew around me taking practice docks on each side of me.

Jump #130
2way with James.  James and I decided to jump in a sit/train formation.  My feet were hooked under his arms and we left tumbling slightly.  I extended my arms to provide drag and keep my feet hooked properly.  James has never done a sit dive.  His legs were all over the place.  It made the ride very turbulent, and I decided to cut it off and release my feet.  I went into a sit and flew past James and way below him.  It was amazing how much speed I picked up!  I was able to hold my sit with a t-shirt on, not having my long sleeve baggy shirt.  Under canopy we kept our distance, but I flew up behind James and turned with him in a shallow turn.

Jump #131
3way tacking dive with James & John.  This was also the sunset load.  It was getting darker and darker out, so I decided to go buy a cheap set of clear goggles from the ChutingStar loft.  Mike G recommended yellow.  He was right.  After landing and removing the goggles, I didn’t quite realize just how dark it was outside!

James, John and I had a great tracking dive.  We headed south towards the chicken houses, then back up north-west outside of the jump run, but close enough back to the dropzone so we could open and make it back under canopy.  It was a great jump.

After leaving the dropzone, James and I headed to Taco Mac where we had a couple beers and some food.


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