I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Olen Reid Ashe III – Rest in Peace

I normally have a thought in my head and have no problems writing about it.  Skydiving has made that extremely easy for me except for two times I can remember.  The first time was when a plane full of skydivers failed to reach their destination last year in Washington, the plane crashed, and all on board lost their lives.  It was something that hit me hard after being in the sport for less than a year.  I asked Andy to review EP’s with me on my next trip out to the dropzone.

I remember writing a draft here on WordPress, but never finally submitting it.  I recall driving into work in Atlanta, and hearing the local radio station mess up the story with the typical media twist.

This past weekend was different.  I went on a camping trip with my family after having spent the previous weekend in Florida skydiving.

As I was returning back home from the north Georgia mountains, I decided to check my email, news, etc. that I follow on my iPhone.  That is when I first saw the news posting that a fatality had occurred at my home dropzone, Skydive The Farm, on Saturday! I remember trying to read the news article so quickly for what happened and a name.

Without getting into any details, because I would most likely state the obvious or wrong info..  I’ve read and watched mostly at the thread on and talking with a few friends which is probably fifth and sixth hand knowledge; this whole thing simply sucks.

My condolences go out to family and friends.

To Olen Reid Ashe III; I didn’t know you bro, but as a fellow skydiver blue skies and rest in peace, the next beer’s on me!


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