I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Couple fun jumps at Skydive The Farm

Today (Aug 2nd) I leisurely arrived at Skydive The Farm just after noon.  I aim to get there earlier, but when I wake up I take care of other items that need to be addressed.  And well this morning, I had a different excuse.  James was waking up late and we both decided to ride out there together once he arrived at my house.

Jump #138
James and I did a freefly jump.  We are both working on our sit fly.  I feel I can get in a sit no problem, and even hold my sit fly.  I’m getting better at driving forward, but I’m not as stable and clean as I want to be.  My feet are not always level and I do tend to wobble a bit.  We both decided to separate and open higher than normal.  I ended up opening around 4500 feet.  Nice landing away from the hanger, stood up nicely.  It was great to be back home at my home DZ and get a jump in!

Next we hit a weather hold and had to wait for several hours before getting a final jump in for the day.

Jump #139
Four of us decided to do a freefly jump.  Skill levels differed significantly.  I ended up jumping out first with another guy (forgot his name).  While Susan and James followed right behind us.  James ended up going out slow on purpose and is working on getting into the sit and holding it.  Susan was closer in to us.

I exited the plane as rear float, facing forward.  One I began riding off the hill I became unstable and worked from my feet to my arms to regain the stablity.  First I corrected my feet trying to keep them level and stable.   Then I work on the separation my legs had and pushing them down a bit further out from under my butt.  Next I sqeezed my shoulder blades together and brought the upper part of my back back further.

This helped me drive forward and i turned slightly as the other freeflyer did several transitions in front of me from sit fly to head down and back to sit fly.

The approach to land and landing was uneventful.  Nice flare…couple steps forward and I was on the ground softly.  Even with no wind, I didn’t have to run it out.  I’m getting very use to this canopy.  Flaring properly makes me very content! 🙂

Be back next weekend…


4 Responses to “Couple fun jumps at Skydive The Farm”

  1. Hey, I’m very new to the sport and just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading about all your experiences. I hope you had a chance to make a couple jumps this weekend!

  2. Thanks Sara! I don’t know where this blog will end up, but I will assure you I’ll log every jump here. And some useless information once in a while in between all the jumps. 😉

  3. Hey Mark,
    Great to hear your experiences as you try different things in skydiving. I work marketing to tandems and it’s great to hear from some jumpers like yourself.


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