I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Mixing up the jumps

Earlier in the week James and I planned on jumping at Skydive The Farm.  He was planning on bringing out a couple friends to grab a tandem.  Then Abhi calls me up, he also is bringing out a couple friends on Sunday.

I arrived at the dropzone just after noon.

Later in the day, James and Abhi peeled off…but Arnie and Chris showed up.  Two other friends I haven’t seen in a while.  Its great to catch up with these lamers…I say that only because they should come out more often! 😉

Jump #140
The first jump of the day, I did a six way RW jump including James and Abhi.  We had a lot of fun, but a few bodies in the group flew a bit crazy.  The three man pod I was on had our formation together, but the other three man pod was a mess. :-p

Jump #141
This was a RW drills dive.  The plan was for six of us to form a big round.  Then a straight line and practice flying down the line while facing the others.  We got a small round…other flew around us and we never got the drill going.  Damn…I really wanted to do this.

Jump #142
Hans asked me to help the Cessna pilot find a cut away main parachute.  We flew over the trees for a while before giving up.  Little did I know that flying at 1000 feet would prove to be so difficult to spot a parachute.  We were later laughed at and asked why we didn’t knock it down to 400 feet to find it.  I guess I didn’t think about telling the pilot to punch it lower.  I expected he knew where to be and was there for eyes out the windows.  :-/

Well it wasn’t all bad, because the pilot popped me up to 5,500 and I did a hop-n-pop out of the Cessna landing at the Farm.  It was a lot of fun… but I made sure to check everything several times, and asked the pilot to make sure the other plane with skydivers were not on their drop run…  They weren’t it was all clear.

Jump #143
Arnie and I exited in a foot/knee leg dock.  I’m not great in a sit, and here I am trying to teach him.  Actually it didn’t turn out bad, and at the end he stuck the sit very well…the jump totally rocked! I landed right next to Arnie yelling and shouting!

Jump #144
Another two way with Arnie to practice sit free fly.  We took a suggestion from someone else to belly off the plane first, then transition into a sit.  It was ok…not as good as the first jump.

Did I fail to mention that Hans, DZO bought the last jump of the day? Yep…he paid for the last load of the day.  Thanks Hans…that topped off a perfect day!

Five jumps…great day…laughing, great food at the dropzone.  Best dropzone around!


One Response to “Mixing up the jumps”

  1. Dude, that day was awesome! I had so much fun jumping out of the plane with you, for my first attempt leaving with our knees locked. We held it together for a good bit, and in the end I was pretty happy with the sit I was able to pull off.

    My best sit fly yet! My second attempt had me flopping around like a chicken in the air from belly to sit to back, but it was still fun to practice!

    I always have a blast whenever we jump together. Looking forward to getting out there again soon, maybe next weekend!

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