I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Skydiving after a brief break

It has been just over a month since I last skydived.  The time off was not planned, nor was I tired of skydiving.  It just happened that way.  I’ve spent four of the past six weekends camping.  I must admit, for reason or not, coming back and skydiving after taking some time off felt great!

I showed up, was able to say hello to friends and give my gear a good safety check.  Ever have that thought in your mind…how attentive was I the last time I packed my parachute? I mean I’ve been packing for the last 100 jumps or more, but still packing at the end of the day, tired sometimes, I finish and then wonder, did I stow the breaks? Did I flake the nose? How about the slider?

Since I had taken off so much time, I didn’t even remember my last pack job…guess we’ll find out. 😉  I actually had a very soft landing opening!

Jump #148
My friend Abhi was doing RW work with a group, so I decided to go solo and get my sit fly in that I was badly craving.  I exited the aircraft putting my back towards the front of the plane and immediately sat.  I remembered to lean back a bit while riding down the hill.  Then…well it all came together, I held the sit, slowly revisited my body parts.  Legs…good, back, arch, shoulders, arms – all good.  I checked my altimeter and looked around for signs of any aircraft and skydivers while practicing my turns.  Everything was going awesome.  I turned left first, then stopped my turn after about 180 degrees, then initiated my right hand turn.  I used the technique of bringing my hand forward slightly to control my turns.  I could feel my shoulders strain keeping my arms and hands positioned exactly where I needed them.  I remember thinking…wow after taking time off I expected to be worse, and I got better.  I felt very relaxed and around six thousand feet I iniated a partial back flip checking for skydivers.  I ended on my belly and looked around a bit.  My altitude was just under five thousand feet.  Initiated my arch, stable, wave and pull and looked up as I felt myself slowing down.  My canopy was opening beautifully.  No line twists, ahh…its always a beautiful sight watching that thing open.  Landed, slight cross wind…near the large yellow arrow in the center of the field at Skydive The Farm! Welcome back to reality, I thought and gave out a great bit yell.

Jump #149
Next up, I put on my RW suit and did a jump with Abhi.  I exited first, he flew down to me and over shot me a bit.  So I made small and dove down to him.  I leveled off.  I was suppose to let him back flip and fall lower, but since I had dove down to catch up to him, I decided to initate the next phase of our jump.  I began flying around him to take points on all four axis.  I remember he was turning a bit to his left.  I remember taking my last dock on his right side and pulling on him a little to straighten (or let him know I knew he was spinning).  He then did the same thing as I watched my altimeter and him fly around me.  He took the last touch at six thousand feet.  I waved and initated my break off one thousand feet earlier than we had too.  I figured we had the time, may as well take our time flying away.  I looked under me and saw he had also initiated his breakoff and was tracking directly away from me.

Canopy came out fine…that’s always a good thing. I landed, the wind was a bit bumpy, but that was fine.  The temp? Yes, it was chilly.

I was going to go up for a third, but I felt tired and decided there was no reason to push it.  I had planted six trees that morning and I think my limit was catching up with me.  I sat on the picnic table talking and watching the last load of the day overhead.  The sky was so clear, the air cold, and the canopys were flying around…what a sight.  The sun was dropping more rapidly, and the air getting colder still.  This is where I began thinking about two things.  Food and sleep…I decided to pack it in and not sit around to wait for the food bus to head out.  I decided if I began drinking, I would sleep the night there, and for some reason a comfortable bed was sounding pretty damn good tonight.

I should be back out Halloween weekend at Skydive The Farm.


One Response to “Skydiving after a brief break”

  1. Sounds like you had a blast man, sorry I couldn’t make it! I did get out there on Sunday, and took my motorcyle. A bit chilly on the way out, ended up taking a sweater off after the first jump. I did 2 solo free fly jumps, and practiced getting into my sit. Work in progress still!

    My 2nd jump was like your 1st, except I don’t think I leaned back hard enough. I seemed to have gone into a heads down, so I said hey, let me just hang there for a bit.

    I had a blast, but missed jumpin with ya bro!


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