I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Wind was a bit choppy

Saturday, October 25th, I drove out to Skydive The Farm with only a few hours to spare.  Said hello to some familiar faces for a short while before it was time for gear check.

Jump #150
This jump was with Bruce, who is a very talented free flyer.  He decided to hold on to my chest strap while I exited into a sit, and go head down.  In my eyes, I flew like crap.  I kept adjusting my feet, out straight, the close up under me, trying to match Bruce’s fall rate.  My body must of looked like a yo-yo.  Bruce later commented that I should have just got into a stable sit and held it.  But for some reason, I wanted to be able to do more, to help him out so that we could fly within inches safely.  We didn’t drift apart far, and I was able to turn as I kept adjusting my fall rate to keep facing him.

The landing was smooth as I approached crossing the trees around 500 feet.  Did a turn to final around 250, and followed everyone else’s lead turning a bit more into the wind.  There was a significant cross wind.  I flared, and well the wind had other plans for me.  Instead a gust caught my canopy and pushed me down hard.  I had no if any forward speed.  I remember feeling that sharp pain in my feet and ankles.  I had my legs bent and tried to prepare for the landing but still fell forward on my knees.  Sky Dave was walking up as I was standing and asked “Does that canopy have any flare?” I laughed …. and responded “sure, when the wind isn’t pushing it down so hard”.  I walked away and had no injuries.  Damn wind.

Jump #151
Did a 4 way RW jump with Laura, Kyle and Steve.  We decided to go for a round, and turn a diamond on each person with rounds in between each diamond.  We calculated we pulled off seven points before hitting our hard deck at 4500 feet.  Was a great skydive.  The landing was soft…canopy flared nicely.

Had to hurry and pack and get back to neighborhood for the holiday bash.  Was fun, kids and mommies filed home as a smaller group of guys remained to finish off the keg.  I grew tired and we began loading the keg in the back of Mike’s SUV dropping off at another guy’s garage.

Blue skies….hope next weekend is this nice!


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