I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Halloween Boogie at Skydive The Farm

On November 1st, I attended the Halloween Boogie at Skydive the Farm.  It was a warm day, 65 degrees, and the hanger was packed with lots of people and parachutes on the soft carpet floor.  There was a buzz of busy packers, and as the next load headed to the aircraft, another returned only to refill the now partially empty space left on the floor behind them.

I walked in carrying a twelve pack of Heineken beer.  Joking with a guy who walked past, it was my offering to the sun gods…for the beautiful day they bestowed to us today.  The beer found a cold spot in a fridge and I saw familiar faces, saying hello while I made my way to my locker to get my gear ready for the first jump of the day.

Jump #152
Abhi and I did a 2way RW jump.  We decided to practice some techniques, including side sliding.  It went pretty well, some practice we both needed to brush up on our flying skills.

Jump #153
Chris showed up, so the three of us headed out of the plane in a 3way RW jump.  We practiced some skills.  Chris flipped over to his back and Abhi and I docked on him, which was fun as I tried to fight the air trying to push me out of his air pocket.  It was good practice for us all.

Jump #154
Freefly jump! Abhi, Chris and I exited the aircraft.  I exited into a sit, and looked right above me slightly forward and there was Chris.  Was he going to come down on top of me, I thought? He didn’t, but it was funny watching his feet move around feeling for the air so he could begin stabilizing his descent.  At the same time I was feeling like I was falling.  I get that feeling just after exiting the plane sometimes before the wind begins to hit you.  Then it doesn’t feel like your falling, but that your flying or behind somewhat held up against the air molecules blasting you from beneath. 😉

Chris and I were able to get within half a foot of each other, and while in close proximity, turn while facing each other.  Abhi is still learning how to sit fly, I’m sure he will master it soon.

Jump #155
This was Abhi’s 100th skydive.  We had a five way, and formed a round, then spun it, round and round.  I don’t care much for spinning so I released my grips at about 7,000 feet.  I shot out, and the rest of the group fell apart.  It was a lot of fun.  Chris and Andy joined the jump as well.

Jump #156
Sunset load! Abhi and I decided to practice the what is becoming common 2way 4 point touch.  It involves turning and side sliding around the other person while getting docks in front, both sides and their feet.  Complete the full circle around them, and then they do the same to you.  We both made it successfully, although I could use more practice as I would like to match his descent rate while making these adjustments.

After the jumping (and packing) I found myself preparing for Abhi’s 100th celebration.  People had to be recruited to throw a pie and distract him, not to mention the photos and video that had to be captured.  The plan came together beautifully…and Abhi was covered in whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

The boogie had some tasty food, including baked beans, green beans, hamburgers, BBQ pork (or was it chicken?) and of course some beer.

Inside the hanger we all ate as more and more people began showing up in costumes.  I was walking back into the hanger when Hans threw my name in the mix to be a judge for the winner with best costume to win a free day of skydiving.  We judged the winner, Miss Ann (a tea party/tea cup thing) on her costume, she played the role all night in serving alcohol to everyone.  It was funny, but she pranced around all night in that outfit serving shots to everyone.  Thanks Ann…you got my vote… 😉

Some fireworks, a bonfire, and it grew later and later.  Great fun…kind of wish I had gone to bed earlier so I would have hung around to jump the next day, but I knew I was going to be too tired and wanted to get a hot shower and get all cleaned up.

Blue skies!!!


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