I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

One cold Saturday afternoon

Ahhh, I almost forgot to report my one jump on Saturday! I had other errands to do, but I wanted to make sure I ran out to the dropzone and to pay my rigger, Mike Gruwell of Chuting Star.  I just had my reserve repacked and my brake lines replaced.

Jump #157
I did a solo sit fly…  I exited and held the sit to about seven thousand feet.  I got a little wobbly at this point, I am not sure why…I was playing around with different feet positions, turning, etc.  I ended up doing a half back flip leveling out before waving and pulling…

I waited…I felt the bag come out of my container, but I was still falling way too fast…crap I began to get nervous.  I reached down for my cut away and reserve deployment handles while in a synchronized motion my head looked up to see what was happening.  The canopy was still in the process of opening.  It took a lot longer than I am use to.

I attribute this to two reasons.  One, I did not pack the parachute.  I’m use to my pack jobs I guess, and expect when I should begin feeling a tug on my harness with a rapid slow down.  I do slightly roll the nose on my pack jobs, leaving for a bit softer opening.  But this opening I just experienced was so soft, it left me wondering if I had anything above my head! 😉

The good news is my canopy was now open overhead, and I immediately checked my altimeter and began giving my canopy a good once over since it had just been modified (new brake lines).

I repacked, thanked Mike G. for the very soft opening and then left to get back and take care of other things closer to home.  Ended up grabbing my son and taking him over to the stores to look at video cameras.

re: Video Cameras

I spoke with Mike G. and Big Steve.  It appears Cannon and a lot of other popular video camera mfg’s make camera’s that simply don’t work well when it comes to skydiving with them.  Reading more on, it appears the burble above our heads when in a sit position causes the worst turbulence for cameras.  I’m considering a new HD camera for non-skydiving and then buying el’cheapo for skydiving to start out with.  No sense in tearing up a HD camera while I learn how to even shoot video in the sky.


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