I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Skydive The Farm Holiday’s

On Saturday, December 6th; I met Arne out at Skydive The Farm.  Several others were there like Kyle, Edwardo, Rodrigo, DZ Chad… so many familiar faces, too many to list.

The weatherman called for more sunshine than clouds and low 50’s F.  When I arrived, we had more clouds than sunshine (in fact the sun wasn’t out until the sunset load).  The temperature was around the mid-forty’s.

Jump #158
Arne, DZChad, Sunman and I exited as a train.  You can take a look at the pics:

Check out the video Arne posted on YouTube:

This was great practice for me as being in the front it is important to drive my legs down similar to how I do when sit flying.  If I hadn’t held up the front….we would all have fallen apart.  I’m happy I’m improving…I was able to hold my sit all the way down…

At the end Chad was going to get picture of me opening.  The problem was I dropped fast and was lower than him.  I waited for a little while, and then saw him deploy.  I looked at my altimeter while deploying my main parachute.  It was the lowest I have ever opened my main canopy.  Not smart!

I was under my main canopy, flying back to the field at The Farm…when I realized the chance of me making it over the trees, power lines and wooden fence that face the main road was growing slim.  Rather than push my luck…there was a nice field to my right.  I turned into it and landed safely on my feet.  I slid with my shoes across the mounds of grass for several feet.  I was fortunate, especially when it comes to not stepping on a cow pie. 🙂

Jump #159
This jump stared out with Edwardo, Rodrigo, and Arne.  We were in line behind a big group of belly flyers when they chose not to jump.  Our group felt comfortable as we knew the bottoms of the cloud cover was 8500 feet.  So we passed them and went.  I exited a bit behind the group and went into a sit while I watched them the entire time.  I eventually caught up to them, flew over to Edwardo as he headed over to Arne.  Arne was base….somehow I was having so much fun, I forgot. 🙂

A good suggestion was as I jump more with Arne, for me to do whatever I have to to try and stick with Arne.  Arne is making progress in his free flying…and it will only tune my skills even more if I can adjust and hang with him.  I can improvise on my sit, stand and belly to adjust his descent rate.  I look forward to trying this out.  We also talked about locking legs again to help stable things out a bit.  His shoulder has to heal up more before trying a day of that.

Jump #160
Last jump of the day.  We decided to all belly fly and just have fun.  I must admit, as the sun was dropping, it was getting quite cold.  By the time I landed, my fingers hurt a lot.  I don’t know if I really messed them up when I was a kid growing up skiing and running around in the snow all the time.  But my finger tips felt like pins were being shoved into them.  I’m going to check out some warmer but less bulky gloves at some local sports stores.

All in all a great day.  The evening was welcomed with food and a holiday gift exchange.  I managed to catch some video while trying out my new camera….maybe I will post some of it.


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  1. Nice read. Thanks for sharing your exp.

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