I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

After a delay

It has been a while since I last skydived.  In fact, this winter, due to the weekend weather, family and scouting, I just couldn’t seem to make my way out to the dropzone.

Finally, it was February 8th, 2009, four days after my 36th birthday, and I was beginning my 161st jump!

Abhi and I headed out to the dropzone riding together.  I know we talked the whole way out there.  All about things unrelated to skydiving.  It was a warm day as we arrived at Skydive The Farm.  When I casually walked into manifest to ask to be placed on a load.  Abhi and I were given the choice to get on the load that was taking off in five minutes, or to wait another 30 mins for the backup load.  This is where I got excited and told Abhi, lets go man…grab some gear.  I made a mad dash to my locker, having already pulled my gear out of my locker and prepped it and began getting dressed.  Abhi and I decided to do a two way belly to warm up, practicing four point touches.  We separated around 5,500 and both opened.

This time Abhi, Dane and I did a three way belly.  Our goal was to form a open round, then open accordians on each other.  The guy on one end would fly down and around to keep forming up the accordian on the opposite end.  We each pulled off the feat.  3 points.  The open round did not get started properly as the open was not properly opened to Abhi when he flew in the circle.

4way, Abhi, Dane, Kyle and myself.  We lost Abhi on the exit.  I thought he was ready.  I even looked at Abhi getting set, then Kyle and yelled “READY”.  Kyle must of thought Abhi was ready as well as he began the call, and we were off.  I looked up to see Abhi tracking down towards us.  He caught up…   On the exit, Dane or I folded under.  I may have done it, it was hard to tell, but we can perfect that better next time.

2way sit fly training with Abhi.  Abhi wants to learn to sit fly.  Or so I keep telling him that.  🙂 We locked knees, and were able to pull off a stable sit fly together.  I nodded my head and let go of his legs, he held the sit for a few seconds then tumbled.  Still not bad for his first sit.  He’ll get the hang of it.  I was fortunate to have better instructors when I began sitting.  Warren and Sandy took me for my first sit fly.  Warren locked legs, and then held my arm, helping keep me stable.  It rocked.  I know it wasn’t all me, but the rush from having sat with his help was awesome!


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